That He Might Serve And Be Served

Gerard ter Borch (Dutch - A Maid Milking a Cow in a Barn - Google Art Project

Peter Lombard:

And just as man was made for God, that is, to serve him, so the world was made for man, namely to serve him. And so man was placed in the middle, so that he might serve and be served; that he might take from both and all might redound to the good of man: both the obedience which he receives and that which he extends. For God willed to be served by man in such a way that it would not be God, but the servant man, who would benefit by that service; and he willed that the world serve man, and by that too man might benefit.

And so all was a good for man, both what was made for him, and that for which he was made. For, as the Apostle says, all things are ours, namely the higher, the equal, and the lower ones. The things superior to us are ours to be enjoyed, as God the Trinity; the equal ones are for the sharing of life with them, namely the angels, who, although they are now superior to us, in future will be our equals. Even now, they are ours because they are ours to use, just as the possessions of lords are said to their servants’, not by right of ownership, but because they are theirs to use. And the angels themselves, in some passages of Scripture, are said to serve us when they are sent to minister for our sake.


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