Imprinted in Every Soul by Nature

Hugh Binning, Works, 36:

Coals on fire in my ovenIf any man denied the divine majesty, I would seek no other argument to persuade him than what was used to convince an old philosopher who denied the fire: they put his hand in it till he felt it. So, I say, return within to thy own conscience, and thou shalt find the scorching heat of that Divine Majesty burning it up, whom thou wouldst not confess. There is an inward feeling and sense of God that is imprinted in every soul by nature that leaves no man without such a testimony of God, that makes him “without excuse;” there is no man so impious, so atheistical, but whether he will or not, he shall feel at some times that which he loves not to know or consider of: so that what rest secure consciences have from the fear and terror of God, it is like the sleep of a drunken man, who, even when he sleeps, does not rest quietly.



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