A Branch Torn from the Tree and Shrivels

Fallen (2908277819)

“So much study and reflection on the subject is bound up with [Scripture] that no person can possibly do it alone. That takes centuries. To that end the church has been appointed and given the promise of the Spirit’s guidance into all truth. Whoever isolates himself from the church, i.e. from Christianity as a whole, from the history of dogma in its entirety, loses the truth of the Christian faith. That person becomes a branch torn from the tree and shrivels, an organ that is separated from the body and doomed to die.”

~ Bavinck

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/89164-My-debate-with-a-Oneness-Pentecostal-pastor-on-March-Need-help-with-quotes!, Comment #7


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