Bring Your Wants To Him To Supply

Robert Traill (The Throne of Grace), Works, 1:31:

Сложенные руки человека образуют чашу для водыWhen you come to the throne of grace, come to receive out of Christ’s fulness, and come not to bring grace with you to add to Christ’s store. He loves to give, and glories in giving; but he scorns to receive grace from you; and in truth you have none but what he gives. Bring your wants to him to supply, but bring not your fulness to brag of. Spread your sins before this throne with shame and sorrow, and plead for a gracious pardon; but take heed you bring not your sorrow, tears, and repentance, nay, nor your faith itself, as a plea for that pardon. How abominable is it to Christians’ ears, and how much more unto Christ’s, to hear a man plead thus for pardon: “Here is my repentance; where is thy pardon? Here is my faith; where is thy justification?” I know men abhor to say so. But take good heed, lest any thought bordering on it enter into thy heart. Faith is the tongue that begs pardon; faith is the hand that receives it, it is the eye that seeth it; but it is no price to buy it.

Source:, Comment 1


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