Look Unto Him Who Strengtheneth

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 143:

Trellising Fer grapevinesLearn now this one thing, which would be instead of many rules and doctrines to us, – to shut out of your eyes the consideration of what you are by gifts, or grace, or experience. Do not consider that, but rather fix your eyes on the grace of Jesus Christ, and upon the power and virtue of the Holy Spirit, which is given by promise; that when the way is all the easier to you, both by delight and custom, yet you may find it to your natural principles as insuperable as at the beginning; and may still cry out, “Draw me, and I will run after thee; lead me, and I will walk with thee.” Do not measure the call into duties by the strength thou findest in thyself, but look unto him who strengtheneth us with all might.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/89128-Look-unto-him-who-strengtheneth, Comment 1


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