True Faith Receives The Whole Christ

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 227: 

Nuremberg chronicles f 149v 3Happiness without [outside] you will not make you happy; salvation round about you will not save you. If you would be saved, there must be a near and immediate union with happiness. Christ in the heart, and salvation cometh with him. A Christian is not only Christ without, not imputing his sins to him, clothing him with his righteousness; but Christ within too, cleansing the heart from the love of sin, “perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” Do not think you have any share in Christ without you, except you receive Christ within you; because Christ is one within and without, and his gifts are undivided. Therefore, true faith receives whole Christ as a complete Saviour; even as he is entirely offered, so he is undividedly received: as he is without saving us, and within sanctifying us, – Christ without, delivering from wrath, – and Christ within, redeeming from all iniquity, – these cannot be parted more than his coat that had no seam.

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