Let His Pleasure Be Your Rule

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 213:

Völcker Kleines Mädchen mit DotterblumenO how exact and observant is love of that which may ingratiate itself in the beloved’s favour! It is the most studious thing to please, and most afraid of displeasing. Enoch had a large and honourable testimony, as ever was given to man, that he pleased God, Heb. 11:5. I beseech you, be ambitious of this after a holy manner; labour to know his will, and that for this end, that you may approve it, and prove it that you may do that good and acceptable will of God. Let his pleasure be your rule, your law, to which all within you may conform itself. Though you cannot attain an exact correspondence with his pleasure, but in many things you will offend; yet certainly this will be the resolved study of your hearts, how to please him; and in as far as you cannot please him, you will be displeased with yourselves. But then, I would advise you, in as far as you are displeased with yourselves for not pleasing God, be as much well pleased with Christ, the pleasing sacrifice and atonement; and this shall please God as much as your obedience could do, or your disobedience can displease him. To him be praise and glory.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/89291-Studious-to-please-afraid-of-displeasing, Comment 1


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