The Conjunction of Justice and Mercy

Hugh Binning, Works, pp. 169-170:

Giustizia e misericordia (Justice and Mercy) – oil on canvasThese two do illustrate one another: the justice of God, in taking and exacting the punishment of sin upon his own well beloved Son, doth most eminently heighten the mercy and grace of God towards us; and his grace and mercy in passing by us, doth most marvellously illustrate the righteousness of God, in making his own Son a curse for us. What testimony can be given in the world, of God’s displeasure at sin, of his righteousness in punishing sin, like this! There was no such testimony of love to sinners and no such demonstration of hatred at sin imaginable. That he did not punish sin in us, but transfer it over on his most beloved son, O what love and grace! And that he did punish his own Son, when standing in the place of sinners, O what righteousness and justice! This is that glorious mystery, the conjunction of these two resplendent jewels, justice and mercy, of love and displeasure, in one chain of Christ’s incarnation, into which the angels desire to look, 1 Pet. 1:12.

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