As If Treating With Friends And Children

Friedrich von Amerling - Rudolf von Arthaber with his Children - WGA00262Bishop Davenant on Colossians 1:2:

From this certain persuasion of reconciliation being accomplished, arises our great consolation in that spiritual struggle which the conscience experiences under the horror of sin. For if we had to treat with a God hostile to us, who, under the load of so many sins, could raise eyes towards heaven? Who could think on the Divine Majesty without trembling? But when we recollect that we have to do with a God propitiated and reconciled, we approach the throne of mercy with great confidence. For he will not deal with us in strict justice, as with enemies; but, as if treating with friends and children, he will pass by our sins, he will call to remembrance his fatherly pity and compassion; and that, indeed, because the reconciliation is accomplished.

Source:, Comment #1


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