He Descended Into Hell?

A little note on what this line in the Apostle’s Creed historically meant:

NaphtaliPress/Chris Coldwell:

On descended into hell, the Westminster divines add this note: “i.e. Continued in the state of the dead, and under the power of death till the third day.” The also say “And albeit the substance of the doctrine comprised in that Abridgment commonly called, The Apostles’ Creed, be fully set forth in each of the Catechisms, so as there is no necessity of inserting the Creed itself, yet it is here annexed, not as though it were composed by the Apostles, or ought to be esteemed Canonical Scripture, as the Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer (much less a Prayer, as ignorant people have been apt to make both it and the Decalogue), but because it is a brief sum of the Christian faith, agreeable to the Word of God, and anciently received in the Churches of Christ.”

Source: https://www.puritanboard.com/threads/apostles-creed-he-descended-into-hell.16619/, Comment 3

Visit the thread to read more about the meaning of this line.


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