Manipulative Repentance

Tears of a crocodile

I don’t know anything about this counselor, but I did appreciate the examples given of manipulative repentance.

Brad Hambrick:

“The recognition that there are healthy and unhealthy forms of repentance is both common sense and biblical (2 Corinthians 7:8-13). On this everyone agrees; secular and sacred. The difficulty is in discerning disingenuous repentance. Mature and discerning people can witness the same conversation and walk away with distinctly different impressions about whether a given expression of remorse represents genuine repentance, sorrow for being caught, or a tactic to gain relational leverage”…

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One thought on “Manipulative Repentance

  1. For some, repentance has a “I feel so guilty” kind of flavor. I would suggest that genuine repentance actually erodes the guilt we might feel as we grow into the image of Christ.

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