A Reverent Regard of the Holy Law of God

Robert Traill (Doctrine of Justification Vindicated), Works 1:286:

Let us keep up, in our hearts and doctrine, a reverend regard of the holy law of God, and suffer not a reflecting, disparaging word or thought of it. The great salvation is contrived with a regard to it; and the satisfaction given to the law by the obedience and death of Christ our surety, hath made it glorious and honourable, more than all the holiness of saints on earth, or of the glorified in heaven, and than all the torments of the damned in hell; though they do also magnify the law and make it honourable. But if men will teach that the law, and obedience unto it, whether perfect or sincere, is the righteousness we must be found in, and stand in, in our pleading for justification, they “neither understand what they say, nor whereof they affirm,” 1 Tim. 1:7. They “become debtors to it,” and “Christ profits them nothing,” Gal. 2:21, and 5:2, 5. And we know what will become of that man that hath his debts to the law to pay, and hath no interest in the surety’s payment.

Source: https://www.puritanboard.com/threads/a-reverend-regard-of-the-holy-law-of-god.91143/, Comment 1


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