He Would Excommunicate Such Ministers

Ralph Erskine, Sermons 2:325:

“The Baxterian scheme is also opposite to this gospel-doctrine: they tell us, that God hath made a new law with mankind; and obedience to that new law and to its commands, is our righteousness; and this obedience gives us a title to heaven, and gives us a title to Christ’s blood, and to pardon: And the act of faith is our righteousness, not as it accepts of Christ’s righteousness, but as it is an obedience to that new law; the very act and work of faith is, according to them, the righteousness itself: And this faith takes in all kind of works, namely, repentance, love, obedience, and ten or twelve duties of that sort; and all these together are our righteousness for justification. Really (as one says upon this very head) if the apostle Paul were alive, he would excommunicate such ministers.”

Source: https://www.puritanboard.com/threads/why-does-limited-atonement-matter.87650/page-2, Comment 50


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