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That Stream of Corruption Runs Continually

Hugh Binning, Works, pp. 327-328:

What should we do then, since sin is always lodging in our mortal bodies, during this time of necessary abode beside an ill neighbour? What should be our exercise? Even this, – confess your sins; confess, I say, as long as you have them, draw out this the length of that. Be continually groaning to him under that body of death, and mourning under your daily infirmities and failings. That stream of corruption runs continually, – let the stream of your contrition and confession run as incessantly; and there is another stream of Christ’s blood, that runs constantly too, to cleanse you. Now, herein is the discovery of the vanity and deceitfulness of many of your confessions, public and private: the current of them soon dries up; there is no perpetuity or constancy in them, no daily humbling or abasing yourselves; but all that is, is by fits and starts upon some transient convictions or outward censures and rebukes; and thus men quickly cover and bury their sins in oblivion and security, and forget what manner of persons they were.



Dating the Israelite Exodus From Egypt

All Gizah Pyramids

Green Baggins:

Posted by David Gadbois

In 2014 a filmmaker named Timothy Mahoney released the documentary Patterns of Evidence, seeking to demonstrate the historical veracity of the Exodus account, largely through its sympathetic treatment (if not outright endorsement) of a revisionist timeline known as the New Chronology, an idea that has its genesis in English Egyptologist David Rohl.  Mahoney is not a scholar but claims to have spent over a decade of research on the film, and while he seems very well-meaning it must be said that this thesis does more harm than good to those believers and unbelievers who are making an honest inquiry into the matter.

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