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The Gospel Sweetens the Law

Thomas Watson, Body of Divinity (1838 ed.), p. 323:

The moral law requires obedience, but gives no strength, as Pharaoh required brick, but gave no straw; but the gospel bestows faith on the elect; the gospel sweetens the law, it makes us serve God with delight.

Source:, Comment 68


What Sola Scriptura Is Not and Is


“This principle does not mean what it has often been made to say by American evangelicals, i.e., “No creed but Christ,” or “We read Scripture as if no one else has ever read it before,” or “I and my Bible are the sole authority.”…

Sola Scriptura asserts that the Scriptures are the final, unique, and therefore sole magisterial authority for the Christian faith and the Christian life. It asserts the sufficiency of Holy Scripture for the Christian faith, Christian worship, and the Christian life. It does not make the Scriptures into a manual for mechanics and bakers but recognizes that Scripture is enough for what it intends to do, that its authority is final where it speaks.”

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