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The Law Commands All; The Gospel Promises All

Ralph Erskine, Sermons 1:213:

Hence we may see, if Christ be given for a covenant of the people, that the gospel strictly and properly taken, is a bundle of good news, glad tidings, and gracious promises; our text is a sum of the gospel, and it is a free promise, “I will give thee for a covenant of the people:” there is no precept nor commandment here. The law is properly a word of precept, but not the gospel: the law commands all, and the gospel promises all. It were a disparagement to the divine law, if it were not perfect and exceeding broad, if there were any duty we are called unto not enjoined therein.



There Aren’t Many Reasons To Attend Church

Killinghall Church 851

Having grown up Episcopal/Anglican, this article describes the attitude of many churchgoers, which is

“Church is supposed to make me feel better about my life, not worse,”

That attitude has led to the churches ignoring many aspects of Christian doctrine, leading to this consequence:

It would be a mistake, and not a pew-filler, to focus on fear and punishment alone, but there is almost a complete absence, and in some cases absolute absence, from the pulpit of these useful concepts in the Episcopal church. The reason is that, for many, they are not believed. And since they are not believed, they are not taught, and since they are not taught, the lesson learned by (ex-)parishioners is that there aren’t many reasons to attend church.

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