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The Expression of Divine Mercy and of Divine Justice

Yorkshire pigs at animal sanctuary“Election is the expression of the divine mercy; reprobation of the divine justice. Whoever hold the doctrine of election must hold the doctrine of reprobation. Reprobation implies that God simply passes by the sinner leaving him as he is. In election He makes choice of the sinner in His sovereign grace. Both are acts of the sovereignty of God.”

(Rev. D. Beaton, Free Presbyterian Magazine, Vol. 35: p. 244).

~Rev. William MacLean, M.A., “Arminiamism: Another Gospel”



Savoury Remembrance of a Spiritual Enjoyment

Robert Traill (The Throne of Grace), Works 1:199-200:

Spiritual things are so unlike to carnal things, that all comparisons betwixt them must needs halt greatly. That a poor, hungry, starving man, should, in a dungeon, or desolate wilderness, be refreshed, and made strong, by the bare remembrance of a feast he had seven years ago; this is impossible in nature. But in spiritual things it is otherwise. The savoury remembrance of a spiritual enjoyment long since past, can bring back the taste, and power, and virtue of it, to the soul that wants it. Believers are usually upon their recovery from a sad disconsolate state, when they are exercised in remembering with savour their former enjoyments. Thus saith returning Israel, Hosea 2:7, I will go and return to my first husband: for then it was better with me than now.