Nothing Must Interfere With One’s Religious Duties In The Home

“The father’s should awake to the fact that they have something to do in making the life of their own homes besides providing food and clothing and paying taxes and bills. They owe to their homes the BEST INFLUENCES of their lives….. men professing to be followers of Christ and to believe in the superiority of life itself to all things else, give infinitely more thought and pains to the raising of cattle, the growing of crops, the building up of business, than to the training of their children. No one can do everything that comes to his hand. But it will be a fatal mistake if any father allows his duties to his home to be crowded out. Anything else had better be neglected than his children. Even religious work in the kingdom of Christ at large must not interfere with one’s religious work in the kingdom of Christ in his home.”

J.R. Miller

Source:, Comment 3


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