They Want Your Destruction

Gentle Reformation on dabbling in the occult:

All genuine occultism is demonic. It is stage-managed by the Devil who masquerades as an angel of light. He promises knowledge and life and power, but what he delivers is bondage and misery and death…

Tragically we see this pattern repeated over and over when people get involved in the occult. Kurt Koch in his book The Lure of the Occult documents 193 case studies of people who were involved, to some degree, in occult practices. It’s heart-breaking to read of how people turned to the occult for help, and often received it in the short term, but paid a far higher price in the end…

What makes the occult dangerous is that when you engage in occult practice, whether realise it or not, whether you mean to or not, you are opening yourself up to demonic influence. The occult is like conductor for the lightning of satanic power. It’s an incredibly dangerous, foolish and wicked thing to do – to put yourself into the hands of beings that want to hurt and destroy you. They don’t want your good – they want your destruction.

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