Better Than Pure Gold

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 372:

What comfort is it to a godly man that trusts in his word, he is a God of truth! An honest man’s word is much, his oath is more. What shall his word be who is a God of truth? Though all men should be liars, yet God is true. Ye who have ventured your souls on his word, ye have an unspeakable advantage; his truth endures for ever, and it is established in the heavens; the ground of it is without beginning, the end of it without end. Ye are more sure than the frame of heaven and earth, for all these shall wax old as a garment. We speak of a naked word of truth; indeed it is no naked word that is God’s word. His works of providence, and his dispensation to you, is a naked and bare foundation, nay, a sandy foundation, and ye who lean so much to them, is it any wonder ye so often shake and waver? All other grounds beside the word are uncertain, unstable; this only endures for ever. The creature’s goodness and perfection is but as the grass, and the flower of the field. Venture not much on your dispositions and frames; thou knowest not what a day may bring forth: but his truth is to all generations, and it is well tried as gold seven times, – all generations have tried it and found it better than pure gold.

Source:, Comment 1


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