Affirming Original Sin While Denying It

An interesting admission by Jordan Peterson from his speech to the Trilateral Commission Meeting in 2018:

And the, the case for suffering, I think, is quite obvious, because one of the things that I point out to my listeners is that life has a tragic element and we all are perfectly aware of that, and then we’re subject to that as fragile and finite creatures, and that, that tragic element is amplified by the human proclivity for malevolence, psychological level and at a social level and that’s the reality that we find ourselves confronted with…


It’s interesting that on the one hand the world denies that there is such thing as original sin while on the other hand the world affirms that human beings are “bent” as C.S. Lewis would say. We have an innate “proclivity for malevolence” that cannot be overcome by more money or education or better living standards. That innate proclivity is in part what is meant by the doctrine of “original sin.” And since Christianity is the only religion that recognizes humanity’s innate “bent-ness,” Christianity is the only religion that can possibly be true.  The sooner the world recognizes that, the sooner things can be put right again. May it be sooner rather than later for all of our sakes.

2 thoughts on “Affirming Original Sin While Denying It

  1. Yes. and I agree. We are not innately good. Without our God, who leads thru the Holy Spirit, we are capable of anything. We see the people refuse the gift of His love, growing by leaps and bounds. We, who are TrueBelievers, are in the minority now. But our God is in control as He was with Job. He is eternal,:)

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