~ Reforming Life One Verse At A Time ~

These are the online musings of an unintentional cultural rebel searching for truth.

My journey started in the 1990′s when God Almighty convicted me of my sinfulness and my need for a savior. Since then, my life has been dedicated to seeking truth and righteousness rather than power, prestige, popularity, or possessions.

I am married to my best friend and the love of my life, Mr. Chivalry. We are the grateful inheritors of seven blessings from the Lord, whom we homeschool with the Lord’s help.

Over the past several years, we have been working hard at reforming our lives one verse at a time.  Following Christ isn’t always easy in these perilous times, but by His grace our house will serve the Lord.

~Sola Scriptura~Solus Christus~Sola Gratia~Sola Fide~

~Sola Deo Gloria~


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking forward to reading all that you have shared and will share! We have 7 blessings and 3 grand blessings plus the blessing of a daughter in law!

  2. I read that!!!! ❤ we are so blessed! We even have been blessed with a set of identical twins that were born with Down Syndrome!!

      • All glory to God! It brought us to seek Him in the Bible
        and helped to bring us out of Catholicism by an answer I found in the Bible! When we found out they were born with Downs (they were a month and a half old) I cried and begged The Lord to show me what I had done to cause them to be that way…guilt laid heavy on me! I started seeking God’s answer and this is what He showed me through His Word: John 9 ❤

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