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Feeling Estranged From God?

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Show My People Their Transgression

Dr. Alan Cairns, “Why Revival Tarries:”

Arntzenius SpuistraatIsaiah 58 verse one says, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.”18

That is God’s command.

Let me be very, very blunt. The backslidings of God’s people have terrible consequences. Truth falls in the street. When the Church loses out with God the ramifications are felt throughout society.

Now I am not one of those preacher who want to heap the guilt upon godly people for all the filthiness that is happening in the nation. But I do say this and let me back up. I am not, therefore, going to say that if this congregation really, sincerely goes through with God that we will see America changed overnight or even over the next 10 years. I can’t promise that. What I can say, however, is that in the Church of Jesus Christ there has been such a prolonged backsliding from truth, such a prolonged  backsliding from holiness in the Church of Jesus Christ where professing Christians take sin lightly where preachers are among the most filthy hypocrites in the country. Now I am not generalizing. That is not true of most preachers, I am sure. But nonetheless we have these high profile cases of vile men, filthy men, immoral men, thieving men, murderous men and they have occupied the pulpit, adulterers in the pulpit, thieves in the pulpit, child molesters in the pulpit and my it gets big coverage when professing Christians play fast and lose with sin and they have such a little view of the holiness of God. Is it any wonder that truth falls in the street? Is it any wonder that in the public square there is no feeling of fear of a holy God and there is no hatred of sin?

We can blame the government all we like. But God says, “Shew my people their transgressions.”19

18 Isaiah 58:1.

19 Isaiah 58:1.

Source and read/listen to more: http://media.sermonaudio.com/mediapdf/8270617328.pdf, attached to the sermon, “Why Revival Tarries,” at http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=8270617328

As Fervency In Duty Abates, Our Peace Cools

Thomas Watson:

StainerWhen Christians abate their fervency in private devotions, God abates their peace. If you slacken the strings of the violin, the music is spoiled; so, if a Christian is slack in duty, they spoil the sweet music of peace in their souls. As the fire decays, the cold increases; so, as fervency in duty abates, our peace cools.

~“A Body of Divinity” pg. 264

Source: http://thomaswatsonquotes.com/when-christians-abate-their-fervency-in-private-devotions/