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A Star in Another Hemisphere

Comfort for those who have lost children:

“You have lost a child; no, she is not lost to you who is found in Christ.  She is not sent away but only sent before, like unto a star which, going out of our sight, does not die but shines in another hemisphere.”

~Samuel Rutherford (1600-1661)


The Damnation of Little Infants?

Spurgeon, “Misrepresentations of Calvinism:”

Larbert Old Church Graveyard, Baby Headstone“Among the gross falsehoods which have been uttered against the Calvinists proper, is the wicked calumny that we hold the damnation of little infants. A baser lie was never uttered. There may have existed somewhere, in some corner of the earth, a miscreant who would dare to say that there were infants in hell, but I have never met with him, nor have I met with a man who ever saw such a person. We say, with regard to infants, Scripture saith but little, and, therefore, where Scripture is confessedly scant, it is for no man to determine dogmatically. But I think I speak for the entire body, or certainly with exceedingly few exceptions, and those unknown to me, when I say, we hold that all infants are elect of God and are therefore saved, and we look to this as being the means by which Christ shall see of the travail of his soul to a great degree, and we do sometimes hope that thus the multitude of the saved shall be made to exceed the multitude of the lost. Whatever views our friends may hold upon the point, they are not necessarily connected with Calvinistic doctrine. I believe that the Lord Jesus, who said, “Of such is the kingdom of heaven,” doth daily and constantly receive into his loving arms those tender ones who are only shown, and then snatched away to heaven.”

Source: http://thecripplegate.com/theologians-on-infant-salvation/

Arminianism And Infant Salvation

Post mortem image baby cabinet card c.1885 courtesy Fawn Weir

BB Warfield:

“If only a single infant dying in irresponsible infancy be saved, the whole Arminian principle is traversed. If all infants dying such are saved, not only the majority of the saved, but doubtless the majority of the human race hitherto, have entered into life by a non-Arminian pathway”

~(Two Studies on the History of Doctrine, 230)

Source: http://thecripplegate.com/theologians-on-infant-salvation/

Family is a Vocation

R S Zimmermann Auszug zum Fischfang

Gene Edward Veith quoting Luther’s estate of the household:

“Likewise, those who are fathers or mothers, who rule their households well and who beget children for the service of God are also in a truly holy estate, doing a holy work, and members of a holy order. In the same way when children or servants are obedient to their parents or masters, this also is true holiness and those living in such estate are true saints on earth.”

Read more: http://www.modernreformation.org/default.php?page=articledisplay&var2=881

The Human Body and Lower Creation

Dankworth August Bomann-Museum Fam. Jacobs


Concerning the question as to why the Scriptures do not expressly prohibit contraception, the Rev. Matthew Winzer answers:

“First, birth control and contraception are two different things. According to the Bible abstinence is permitted in certain contexts. That amounts to birth control.

Secondly, the use of specific procedures to prevent conception requires the adoption of a philosophy which is contrary to the Bible. As noted, the human body is equated to the life of the lower creation as something which is to be regulated in stewardship. Then sexual relations are reinterpreted as if they possess some unitive benefit apart from being fruitful and multiplying, thus ignoring what the Bible specifically calls “blessing.”

Thirdly, to move the discussion beyond questions of “immorality,” which are only going to muddy the waters, a more positive approach would ask what the Bible sets forth as an ideal. An open view of children as God’s heritage accords with the whole biblical scheme in both its creation and new creation teaching. Temporal family life is always regarded as being enriched by the multitude of offspring. As far as the redeemed family of God is concerned, the statement of our Elder Brother sums up the positive biblical teaching: “Behold I and the children which God hath given me.””

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f32/contraception-bible-61208/, Comment #17

What Calvinist Parents Say To Their Children

Joshua Renewing the Covenant with Israel (Bible Card)

Joshua Renewing the Covenant with Israel

“My children, you are blessed by God. You have been born into a Christian family, just as your father and mother also were born of Christian parents. You have been raised in the Christian faith, just as your parents were raised in the Christian faith. Your birth place, your parentage, is not luck — it is by design, God’s design. He could have caused you to be born to pagan parents in the middle of Africa, with your belly’s extended due to lack of food. But instead, you were born in Australia, and you don’t have extended bellies. You have food to eat, and plenty left over. You are already blessed by God, and you should not not walk away lightly from your heritage. As both of your grandfathers and your father declared, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” And you have been placed in the care of your parents so that you will, as adults, freely choose to make the same declaration…

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What Children Need

Kelly at Generation Cedar reminds us of what children really need:

1386612_14668269“They need you to slow down. They need your time, your face, your voice, your hugs, your explanations about life. They need to know you are willing to sacrifice even some material comforts in order to be with them as much as you can. They need you to walk with them, laugh with them, play games with them and read to them. More than anything, they need you to disciple them…”

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