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The Strong Secret Working of Some Consolation

Robert Traill (The Throne of Grace), Works 1:204:

The consolations of an afflicted state are very needful, and grace only can furnish us with them. Be ye assured of it, that never did a Christian bear up patiently under God’s heavy hand, but by the strong secret working of some consolation. It is true, we value and seek most that consolation that comes in as a great flood of sense, and that doth swallow up the bitterness of affliction. This the Lord can, and sometimes doth give to his people. But there is a secret, silent spring of consolation, that is as profitable, and more common in the Lord’s way with his children. Of this the apostle speaks in 2 Cor. 1:3-5. Everlasting consolation, and good hope through grace, are his blessings, 2 Thess. 2:16, 17.

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Comfort in all the Slightings of the World

Richard Sibbes (Works, V. 4, pp. 171, 172):

Györgyi, Alajos - Consolation (1852)[L]et us comfort ourselves in all the slightings of the world. A man that hath great hopes in his own country, if he be slighted abroad, he thinks with himself, I have other matters reserved elsewhere, and I shall have another manner of respect when I come home. The world it knows not God, nor Christ, nor us. Shall not we be content to go up and down as unknown men here, when God the Father and Christ our Saviour are unknown? There are better things reserved at home for us. Therefore let us digest all the slightings and abusage of carnal men. And let us not I envy them their condition that is but for term of life, use it as well as they will; that hath a date that will be out we know not how soon. Alas! all their happiness it is but a measured happiness; it is within their understandings; their eyes can see it and their ears can hear it, and when they can neither see nor conceive more in this world, then there is an end of all their sensible happiness. Shall we envy, when they shall shortly be turned out naked out of this world to the place of torment? We should present them to us as objects of pity, even the greatest men in the world, if we see by their carriage they be void of grace; but not envy any condition in this world.​

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In The Bounty Of His Providence

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Thomas Manton:

“we can draw no argument of love or hatred from outward things. Many ungodly men may prosper in this world; they cannot say therefore that God loves them. Prisoners have an allowance till the time of their execution, so have carnal men; God in the bounty of his providence gives them a great many comforts and mercies in the present life.”

~(Works, 14:382.)

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That We May Have Strong Consolation

The Gates of Hell PhiladelphiaHugh Binning, Works, p. 25:

All “the promises of God are yea and amen in Jesus Christ;” that is, established and confirmed in him. Christ is the surety of them; and so the certainty and stability of them depend upon him, at least to our sense: for God in all his dealing condescends to our weakness, that we may have strong consolation. A promise might suffice to ground our faith, but he addeth an oath to his promise, and he takes Christ surety for the performance; and therefore Christ may be called the truth indeed, – the substantial word of God, – for he is the very substance of the written and preached word. And then he is the certainty and assurance of it; the Scriptures testify of him, and lead us to this “rock higher than we,” to build upon; and against this “the gates of hell cannot prevail.”

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Image: The Gates of Hell in Philadelphia (Rodin)

The True Security For A Happy Life

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“So numerous are the dangers which surround us, that we could not stand a single moment, if his eye did not watch over our preservation.  But the true security for a happy life lies in being persuaded that we are under divine government.”

~John Calvin

Absolute Safety

A hen with chicks in a landscape

“It is important to remember, that those whom God has taken under his care are in a state of the most absolute safety.”

~John Calvin

More Mourning, More Comforts

Benjamin West - The Pilgrim Mourning His Dead Ass - Google Art ProjectThomas Boston, Works, 6:409:

If we were more in the duty of mourning, we would share more of the gospel-comforts; Matt. 5:4, “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” And the more of the Spirit one has, the more will he be taken up that way.

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