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A Very Foolish Man, And Very Wretched

Carl Spitzweg 021

“He seems to me a very foolish man and very wretched, who will not increase his understanding while he is in the World — and [who would not] ever wish and long to reach that endless life where all shall be made clear.”

~King Alfred the Great, Blostman, qtd. in “King Alfred the Great and Our Common Law” by Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee, Department of Church History, Queensland Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Brisbane, Australia, August 2000, pages 4-5

Plunder the Egyptians

Holman The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

“As the Egyptians had not only the idols and heavy burdens which the people of Israel hated and fled from, but also vessels and ornaments of gold and silver, and garments, which the same people when going out of Egypt appropriated to themselves, designing them for a better use, not doing this on their own authority, but by the command of God, the Egyptians themselves, in their ignorance, providing them with things which they themselves were not making a good use of;[1] in the same way all branches of heathen learning have not only false and superstitious fancies and heavy burdens of unnecessary toil, which every one of us, when going out under the leadership of Christ from the fellowship of the heathen, ought to abhor and avoid; but they contain also liberal instruction which is better adapted to the use of the truth, and some most excellent precepts of morality; and some truths in regard even to the worship of the One God are found among them. Now these are, so to speak, their gold and silver, which they did not create themselves, but dug out of the mines of God’s providence which are everywhere scattered abroad, and are perversely and unlawfully prostituting to the worship of devils. These, therefore, the Christian, when he separates himself in spirit from the miserable fellowship of these men, ought to take away from them, and to devote to their proper use in preaching the gospel. Their garments, also,—that is, human institutions such as are adapted to that intercourse with men which is indispensable in this life,—we must take and turn to a Christian use.”

~ Augustine, On Christian Doctrine

Source: http://www.classicalwriting.com/Method.htm

Only Reformed Christianity Can Challenge Plato or Dewey

Van Til:

1427667_31525848-praying hands-stdIt is the Bible alone that speaks of such a God. And the Bible speaks of his absolute authority. This God always speaks with authority. This God of the Bible, who speaks authoritatively through his Word, is the presupposition of the intelligibility of human experience. He is recognized in the Reformed Faith as the final reference point for all human predication. In this respect the Reformed Faith really stands squarely opposed to all forms of non-Christian thinking. Non-Christian thinking takes man as the final reference point in predication. It places man where the Reformed Faith recognizes God.

The two positions are therefore basically opposed to each other on all scores. The question is not simply as to which one is in accord with fact and logic. The question is rather in terms of which presupposition fact and logic have meaning at all. On which position is there any intelligible application of logic to fact at all? The question therefore concerns the philosophy of fact and the philosophy of logic. Any argument between them that does not go back to the question of presuppositions begs the question. The Christian position seeks to make human experience intelligible in terms of the presupposition of God; the non-Christian position seeks to make human experience intelligible in terms of man who is conceived of as ultimate. On this basic matter we have seen how the Roman Catholic tries to straddle the fence by trying to interpret part of human experience in terms of man and part in terms of God. And the Fundamentalistic position makes a similar attempt with the same fatal results. There is therefore no orthodox position except the Reformed Faith that is really able to challenge Dewey or Plato.

Read more: http://www.the-highway.com/articleFeb04.html

Sociologist George Yancey on Academic Bias Against Christians

HT: http://thereformedmind.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/research-on-academic-bias-against-christians-and-if-it-is-deserved/

Another Look at Geoffrey of Monmouth

1183643_75152080Geoffrey of Monmouth authored “History of the Kings of Britain” in 1136 AD.  His work was considered reliable for nearly 400 years until it was trashed by a Roman Catholic priest.  Today, the History is considered to be humorous but false.

What happened to change Monmouth’s History from being accepted fact to considered myth?  Anno Mundi Books tells us:

Geoffrey’s “History of the Kings of Britain” was widely distributed, and was translated into a number of European languages. It had considerable influence on subsequent historians, and was especially popular in Wales where it became a source of national inspiration.

However, it ran into trouble during the time of Henry VIII, when a Roman Catholic priest called Polydore Vergil (c.1470-1555) published his “Anglica Historia”, denouncing the entire history of the Britons with the following words:

Trulie ther is nothinge more obscure, more uncertaine, or unknowne then the affaires of the Brittons from the beginninge.

The “Anglica Historia” consisted of 25 books altogether and was published in a number of successive editions. The first edition was published in 1534, the second in 1546, the third in 1555, and a number of further editions up to 1651. Details of Polydore Vergil, and his attack on the British history, are given by McKisack (5).

There was an angry reaction from the Welsh, particularly from John Price and Humphrey Lloyd (6), (7), (8). See the Denunciation of Polydore Vergil.

However, the question that needs to be asked is, why did the accepted history of the Britons remain largely unchallenged for four centuries, from 1136 when Geoffrey of Monmouth published his “History of the Kings of Britain”, until 1534 when Polydore Vergil published the first edition of his “Anglica Historia”. The reason for Vergil’s attack was because Henry VIII was the son of a Welshman, and he had taken it upon himself to challenge the Pope.

What’s significant about Monmouth’s work was that it was based on an earlier work now entitled Chronicle of the Early Britons.  Chronicle tells the story of the Early Britons from the Fall of Troy onward and includes Arthurian Legend as having a historical origin.  When Monmouth’s History fell into disrepute, all of accepted British history was thrown into doubt and set aside.  Now accepted histories begin with Julius Caesar’s arrival on the island.

Of interest in Cooper’s translation of Chronicle of the Early Britons is that he notes in Appendix 2 that further information on the topics discussed can be found in his book After the Flood.  That book completes the history of the early Britains by tracing their roots further back to the Table of Nations in Genesis 11.  That means there is a historical record of the British people from Genesis to the Middle Ages, which is now completely ignored. In this way, writing off Monmouth undermines historical support for the Bible as well.  Negation at the stroke of a pen.  Pretty easy, huh?

If you are a Christian, I strongly encourage you to read these books for yourself and decide for yourself whether the revisionist history you have been taught is correct or whether there actually is support for the biblical accounts beyond the Bible itself.  What you read may surprise you.

In addition, if you homeschool and are interested in these books, you may wish to check out the Puritans’ Home School Curriculum high school course Introduction to Ancient Literature.  This course looks at Chronicle of the Early Britons, After the Flood, and the book of Genesis, amongst other works.  For my family, it was a very faith-building experience.

Michael Coren: The War on Children

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If The World Were A Village: A Global Socialist Education

Some time ago, a well-meaning family friend gave my children the book If The World Were A Village: A Book About The World’s People by David J. Smith.  I remember reading it once and shelving it as something I did not want to read to my children.  However, the book recently turned up again, and after rereading it, I thought I’d post what the globalists want our children to learn.

What the children are taught:

“Earth is a crowded place, and it is getting more crowded all the time.” (page 7)

“On average, 1 person dies and 3 babies are born every year. A baby born in the village today can expect to live to age 63.” (page 12)

“There is no shortage of food in the global village…But the food isn’t divided equally.” (page 17)

“If all the money in the village were divided equally, each person would have about $5500 per year.  But in the global village, money isn’t divided equally.” (page 22)

“Over 3000 years, the population of the global village doubled 5 times…” (page 27)

“By the year 2100 or sooner, there will be 250 people in the village.  This is an important number, because many experts think that 250 is the maximum number of people the village can sustain.  And even then, there  may be widespread shortages of food, shelter and other resources.

Fortunately, groups such as the United Nations and many governments and private organization are working hard to make sure that the village of the future is a good home for all who live in it.  Their goal is a global village in which food, shelter, and other necessities are basic rights for all.” (page 29)

Isn’t it great that we have the United Nations to take care of  us all?  How did humanity ever manage to survive without it?  We should be so thankful that the United Nations will make sure that everyone is looked after and that no one will be born who shouldn’t be.

What the recommended activities for children are:

Ask the children this sample question:

“What do you think could be done to help the world’s population growth rate slow down?” (page 31)

Instructions to teacher:

“In a way, all the opportunities for global connections through e-mail and television make the dream of a unified world look more achievable today than it did in the past.  But in other ways, the making-it-come-true part is harder than ever, especially when you consider that the global dream includes adequate food and housing for all, universal literacy, the elimination of unhealthy water supplies and abundant, safe and affordable energy supplies.  These goals will only be realized if we can find a way to stabilize the world’s population.” (page 31)

What the fine print in the endnotes says:

“While there is general agreement from one source to another on most of the statistics used in this book, there is some variation from year to year and source to source.  The most notable area of disagreement was in predictions for future population growth, but there were also disagreements about food supply, education and clean air and water.” (page 32)

What solutions are usually proposed to reduce the world’s population?

Over the past few years, the solutions I have heard bandied about are:

  • Increase access to abortion and birth control to prevent people from being born
  • Encourage non-heterosexual sexual behavior, especially homosexuality
  • Lace the water supply with fertility-destroying drugs
  • Implement a global one or two child policy
  • Ban marriage and long-term committed unions between men and women à la Brave New World
  • Require a license for those who wish to become parents
  • Encourage voluntary sterilization
  • Utilize forced abortion and sterilization if “necessary”
  • Eliminate maternity leaves and benefits
  • Financially penalize families who have “too many” children through increased taxation, fines, etc.
  • Denying housing, health care, education, scholarships, loans, etc. to families who have more than the allotted number of children
  • Force women to work outside the home and provide limited childcare space

Here is a WND article discussing this very topic: “What!? Look at plans for compulsory sterilization, abortion,” http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=372681#ixzz1fRPOdUbu.  Apparently, under Obamacare private insurers are already forbidden from offering maternity benefits to their customers.  The author of this article was told by numerous companies that, “When Obama enacted his ‘health care reform,’ he mandated that maternity coverage not be available to any private insurance company.”  This forces mothers-to-be to either have no coverage or give up private insurance and place themselves at the mercy of the Obamacare system.  In this way, it is only a matter of time before everyone is in the public system and there is no private insurance in the United States.

Ancient wisdom ignored:

Proverbs 18:13:  He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.

Proverbs 18:17:  He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.

A neighbor searching — The other side of the story:

If current birthrates remain the same, the available evidence shows that there is actually a  population implosion on the horizon where much of the world will see massive demographic collapses and not population explosions as the children are being taught.

It is generally accepted that a woman must give birth to an average of 2.1 children during her lifetime in order to maintain the current global population levels (Here is a link to an environmental science lesson confirming this fact).  Birthrates in many countries around the world are much lower than this.  Here are the total fertility rates of several North American and European countries, including my own, based on the resources used in the above-mentioned environmental science lesson:

  1. Italy: 1.29 children born/woman
  2. Spain: 1.29 children born/woman
  3. Germany: 1.40 children born/woman
  4. Switzerland: 1.44 children born/woman
  5. Canada: 1.61 children born/woman
  6. Sweden: 1.66 children born/woman
  7. United Kingdom: 1.66 children born/woman
  8. Denmark: 1.74 children born/woman
  9. France: 1.98 children born/woman
  10. United States: 2.09 children born/woman

Source: Geography IQ

Clearly, westernized countries are not even reproducing at a rate capable of maintaining their current population levels.  In fact, many western countries now have what are considered to be “suicidal” birthrates, meaning their birthrates are so low that it is virtually impossible for them to recover — even if the women in those countries suddenly starting “popping out children,” so to speak.  As stated in the documentary Demographic Winter,

Worldwide, birthrates have been halved in the past 50 years. There are now 59 nations, with 44% of the world’s population, with below-replacement fertility. Sometime in this century, the world’s population will begin to decline. At a certain point, the decline will become rapid. We may even reach population free-fall in our lifetimes.”

Watch the Demographic Winter trailer to get more information:

Here is the trailer for Demographic Bomb, the follow-up documentary to Demographic Winter:

Now that you’ve been given at least an inkling of the other side of the story, do you think that the general population, including children, should be manipulated into accepting the coercive measures listed above (which, by the way, are now extending to measures such as “voluntary” assisted suicide and euthanasia)?  If not, what will you do to make sure the other side is heard?