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A Reformed Perspective On Disney’s Beauty And The Beast

Gospel Teacher/Jack Klumpenhower:

“Talking about Jesus, Beauty, and the Beast

After we watch Beauty and the Beast, how might we talk to our kids about Jesus? And what should we do about that “gay moment” in the movie?”…

Read more: http://jackklumpenhower.com/talking-Jesus-beauty-beast/

They Don’t Like To Believe It Is True

Eastman Johnson, The Lord is My Shepherd“Be very sure of this – people never reject the Bible because they cannot understand it. They understand it too well; they understand that it condemns their own behavior; they understand that it witnesses against their own sins, and summons them to judgment. They try to believe it is false and useless, because they don’t like to believe it is true.”

~ J.C. Ryle

Source: http://dead-theologians.blogspot.ca/2011/10/why-do-people-reject-bible.html

He Was Refused

A sad commentary on what happens when Christians try to adapt their beliefs to the prevailing scientific theories of their day, in this case the notion that the Tasmanians were the least evolved of all human beings:

Fanny Cochrane Smith“Clergyman in the early days of the colony ignored the aborigines completely, believing them to be so far beneath the level of humanity as to be not worth teaching. As late as 1829, some twenty-six years after the first settlement, Henry Widowson wrote [the Church]…made no attempt to convert the “poor wretches” he noted, and added: “I have never heard, nor do I believe, that any teacher of the gospel ever went half a dozen miles from Hobart Town to enquire into their conditions.” In fact when Governor Arthur asked the Church Missionary Society in 1828 for a missionary he was refused (Travers 1968, 35).”

[Travers Robert. 1968. The Tasmanians: The Story of a Doomed Race. Sydney: Cassell Australia]

~The Darwin Effect: It’s influence on Nazism, Eugenics, Racism, Communism, Capitalism & Sexism by Jerry Bergman (Master Books, 2014), p.99-100 (incorrect form of “its” occurs in original)

The Cheap, Easygoing Religion of the Day

TianChang Gate“The vast majority of professing Christians today are far, far more concerned about their bodies than their souls, about carnal pleasures than spiritual riches, about earthly comforts than heavenly consolations, about the good opinion of their fellows rather than the approbation of God. But a few — and O how few — are made serious, become in deadly earnest to examine well their foundations and test every inch of the ground they stand on. With them religion is not something to be taken up and laid down according to their fitful moods. Where will they spend ETERNITY is their all-absorbing concern. Every other interest in life sinks into utter insignificance before the vital consideration of seeking to make sure that they have “the root of the matter” in them. O my reader, can you be satisfied with the cheap, easy-going religion of the day, which utterly ignores the clamant call of the Son of God “Agonize to enter in at the strait gate” (Luke 13:24)?

Can you rest content with the “smooth things” now being proclaimed from well nigh every pulpit, which assures those who are at emnity with God they can become Christians more easily than a youth can join the army, or a man become a ‘free mason’ or ‘odd fellow’? Can you follow the great crowd who claim to have “received Christ as their personal Savior” when no miracle of grace has been wrought in their hearts, while the Lord Himself declares

“Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto Life, and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:14)?

Dare you rest upon some “decision” made when you were deeply stirred by some anecdotes addressed to your emotions? Have you nothing more than some change in your religious views or some reformation in your outward ways to show that you are “a new creature in Christ Jesus”? Slight not, we beseech you, this pressing word, “Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God”.”

~ A. W. Pink

Source: http://calvinisticquotes.blogspot.ca/2013/06/christians-today-are-far-far-more.html

Ralph Erskine, Gospel Sonnets



Law-precepts in a gospel-mold,
We may as gospel-doctrine hold;
But gospel-calls in legal dress,
The joyful sound of grace suppress.

Faith and repentance may be taught,
And yet no gospel-tidings brought;
If as mere duties these we press,
And not as parts of promis’d bless.

If only precepts we present,
Though urg’d with strongest argument,
We leave the wak’ned sinner’s hope
In darkness of despair to grope.

The man whom legal precepts chase.
As yet estrang’d to sov’reign grace,
Mistaking evangelic charms,
As if they stood on legal terms.

Looks to himself, though dead in sin,
For grounds of faith and hope within:
Hence fears and fetters grow and swell,
Since nought’s within but sin and hell.

But faith that looks to promis’d grace,
Clean out of self the soul will chase,
To Christ for righteousness and strength,
And finds the joyful rest at length.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/87650-Why-does-Limited-Atonement-Matter/page2?s=711c08db32e940fdeaa66ca3ea54957a,  Comment #41

The Natural Man Turns The Very Gospel Into Law

Rev. Matthew Winzer:

Delightful stories; or, Home talks out of the Wonderful book.. (1888) (14586433440)The gospel is not analogous in any way to the moral law. It promises life. It says, Live, and Do this. The law says, Do this, and Live. The gospel administration subordinates the law to its good-news purpose. It does not assimilate it or create a new law. The Mediator did not come to destroy the law but to fulfil it.

Thomas Boston, Human Nature in its Fourfold State:

JudgesTools“Such is the natural propensity of man’s heart to the way of the law, in opposition to Christ, that, as the tainted vessel turns the taste of the purest liquor put into it, so the natural man turns the very gospel into law; and transforms the covenant of grace into a covenant of works. The Ceremonial Law was to the Jews a real gospel; which held blood, death, and translation of guilt before their eyes continually, as the only way of salvation: yet their very table, (i.e. their altar, with the several ordinances pertaining thereto, Mal. i. 12) was a snare unto them, Rom. ii. 9, while they used it to make up the defects in their obedience to the Moral Law, and clave to it so, as to reject him, whom the altar and sacrifices pointed them to, as the substance of all: even as Hagar, whose it was only to serve, was by their father brought into her mistress’s bed; not without a mystery in the purpose of God, for ‘these are the two covenants,’ Gal. iv. 24. Thus is the doctrine of the gospel corrupted by Papists, and other enemies to the doctrine of Free Grace. And indeed, however natural men’s heads may be set right in this point, as surely as they are out of Christ, their faith, repentance, and obedience (such as they are), are placed by them in the room of Christ and his righteousness, and so trusted to, as if by these they fulfilled a new law.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/87650-Why-does-Limited-Atonement-Matter/page2?s=711c08db32e940fdeaa66ca3ea54957a, Comment #46

No Life By Any New Law

Jan Brueghel (I) - Earth (The Earthly Paradise) - WGA3552

Ralph Erskine, Sermons, 5:92:

“Some cloud and darken the gospel, by making it a new or milder law, requiring faith, and repentance, and new obedience, instead of the perfect obedience required in the covenant of works. The gospel, properly speaking, is no law, but a promise: and it might be easily evinced, that faith, repentance, and new obedience, are so far from being easier or milder terms, that they are harder conditions to us, in our lapsed state, than perfect obedience was to Adam in a state of innocence. And so the apostle argues against any such new law; Gal. 3:21, “If there had been a law given, which could have given life, verily righteousness should have been by the law;” or, as it may be read, “Verily righteousness should have been by a law.” But there is no such law given to fallen man, as could give life to him; therefore, there is no righteousness, or justification, to be had by a law, but by a promise; no life by any new law, but by a new promise of mercy and grace in Christ Jesus; “By the works of the law, no flesh living can be justified.” “Eternal life is the gift of God, through Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/87650-Why-does-Limited-Atonement-Matter, Comment #38