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The Spirit that quickened the earth will raise us from the grave

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness covered the surface of the watery depths, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.”

Christian Standard Bible. (2017). (Ge 1:2). Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers.

Matthew Henry offers some words of encouragement:

“The Spirit of God was the first mover: He moved upon the face of the waters. When we consider the earth without form and void, methinks it is like the valley full of dead and dry bones. Can these live? Can this confused mass of matter be formed into a beautiful world? Yes, if a spirit of life from God enter into it, Eze. 37:9. Now there is hope concerning this thing; for the Spirit of God begins to work, and, if he work, who or what shall hinder? God is said to make the world by his Spirit, Ps. 33:6; Job 26:13; and by the same mighty worker the new creation is effected. He moved upon the face of the deep, as Elijah stretched himself upon the dead child,—as the hen gathers her chickens under her wings, and hovers over them, to warm and cherish them, Mt. 23:37,—as the eagle stirs up her nest, and flutters over her young (it is the same word that is here used), Deu. 32:11. Learn hence, That God is not only the author of all being, but the fountain of life and spring of motion. Dead matter would be for ever dead if he did not quicken it. And this makes it credible to us that God should raise the dead. That power which brought such a world as this out of confusion, emptiness, and darkness, at the beginning of time, can, at the end of time, bring our vile bodies out of the grave, though it is a land of darkness as darkness itself, and without any order (Job 10:22), and can make them glorious bodies.”

Henry, M. (1994). Matthew Henry’s commentary on the whole Bible: complete and unabridged in one volume (p. 4). Peabody: Hendrickson.

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This is Grace’s Prerogative

Hugh Binning (Practical Sermons), Works, p. 626:

The kingdom of grace is worthy of all your affections and pains. That despised thing in the world called grace is the rarest piece of the creation, and if we could look on it aright, we would seek grace, and follow after it. Grace extracts a man out of the multitude of men that are all of one mass. Grace separates him from the rest of the world, and to this purpose are these usual phrases in scripture, “Such were some of you;” “Once ye were darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord;” “Among whom ye had your conversation in times past, fulfilling the desires of the flesh.” All men are alike by nature and birth, there is no difference. Grace brought to light by the gospel makes the difference, and separates the few chosen vessels of glory and mercy from the world, and now “they are not of the world, as I am not of the world.” All the rest of men’s aims and endeavours cannot do this. Learning makes not a man a Christian. Honour makes not a man differ from a Gentile or Pagan. Riches make you no better than infidels. Speak of what ye will, you shall never draw a man entirely out of the cursed race of Adam, never distinguish him from Gentiles before God, till the Spirit of regeneration blow where he listeth. And this is grace’s prerogative, beyond all other things.

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The True Meaning of Facts

“The Holy Spirit’s work in regeneration has an effect not only on man’s spiritual and moral nature, but also on his intellect; it opens the eyes of his understanding (Eph. 1:18). He begins to see facts in the light of God (Psalm 36:9); that is, he begins to see the true meaning of facts. The unregenerate person, on the other hand, continues to maintain that facts can be understood and explained in the light of man; he recognizes no higher category than the human mind, and he will never admit that his mind has been darkened by sin.”

~J.G. Vos, What is Christian Education?, p. 3

Source: https://lettersfromnebby.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/christianity-science-and-the-pursuit-of-truth/

That Impression Made Upon The Soul

Robert Traill (The Lord’s Prayer, John 17:24), Works 2:44:

The operation of the Spirit in believers, the communion of the Holy Ghost, is a great mystery. He works more on them than they feel and know; and they feel more than they can express in words; and they express more than any that have not received the same Spirit of faith (2 Cor. 4:13) can understand: But this we know, that whensoever the Spirit of Christ applies his grace and power to the heart of a sinner, there is something wrought that day, that shall last to eternity. There is, by that finger of God, that impression made upon the soul, and that mark left upon it, that shall never wear out, and that sin and Satan shall never be able to blot out again; but it shall remain, and grow, and be seen at the coming of Christ at the last day, Phil. 1:6.

Source: https://www.puritanboard.com/threads/a-mark-that-shall-never-wear-out.91250/, Comment 1

Christ Gives His Spirit To Prove His Concern

Robert Traill (The Lord’s Prayer, John 17:24), Works 2:42:

Christ gives his Spirit to his people, to prove his concern about their salvation. And we may allude to Isa. 5:4, What could have been done more? He covenanted with the Father from eternity about their salvation. He bought it for them, and them for it, in the fulness of time. The day of Christ’s redeeming his people was the flower of time, the greatest and noblest thing done since God set the clock of time a-going; for his glorious return is to be at the end of time. He turned the covenant of their salvation into a testament by his blood; and did in that testament leave all the grace and glory bought by his blood as a legacy to his people. He, when he had done this, went to heaven with his blood, Heb. 9:12, that it might speak before God, Heb. 12:24, for all blessings to his people. And till they get full possession of glory, he gives to them his Spirit.

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Now a Man Prays

C.Matthew McMahon:

Burroughs’ conclusion on prayer….from the last sermon in Gospel Worship (completed).

“Now, put all that has been said together, and this it what it is to pray: when I pray understandingly, when I give myself to prayer, when there are the breathings of the Holy Spirit in my prayer, when there is purity of heart like a golden vial, together with sincerity, when it is done in truth, when it is in faith, when it comes from a spiritual adoption, when it is in fervency, constancy, reverence, humility, and all of it is put up in the name of Jesus Christ, now a man prays.

Source: https://puritanboard.com/threads/have-you-ever-really-prayed.94887/, Comment 1

True Conversion


The Spirit calls men to Jesus in diverse ways-
Some are drawn so gently that they scarcely
know when the drawing began, and others are
so suddenly affected, that their conversion
stands out with noonday clearness.

Perhaps no two conversions are precisely alike in detail-
the means, the modes, the manifestations, all vary greatly.
As our minds are not all cast in the same mold,
it may so happen that the truth which affects one
is powerless upon another; the style of address which
influences your friend may be offensive to yourself.
“The wind blows where it will.”

Yet in all true conversions there are points of essential agreement-
there must be in all a penitent confession of sin,
and a looking to Jesus for the forgiveness of it,
and there must also be a real change of heart such as
shall affect the entire life thereafter.

Where these essential points are not found,
there is no genuine conversion.

Where there is true faith, there is the new birth, and that
implies a change beyond measure, complete, and radical.

Any man who is united to Christ has experienced a great change.

This change is a thorough and sweeping one, and operates upon
the nature, heart, and life of the convert.

There must be a divine work, making us new creatures,
and causing all things to become new with us,
or we shall die in our sins.

Our condition before God,
our moral tone,
our nature,
our state of mind,
are made by conversion totally different from what they were before.

In a word, if we are in Christ Jesus we are new creatures;
old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

In conversion, infidels become believers,
Roman Catholics forsake their priests,
harlots become chaste,
drunkards leave their cups,
and, what is equally remarkable, Pharisees leave
their self-righteous pride, and come as ‘sinners’ to Jesus.

Conversion may be known by the fact that it changes the whole man.

It changes the ‘principle’ upon which he lives-
he once lived for self, now he lives for God.
He once did right because he was afraid of punishment
if he did wrong, but now he shuns evil because he hates it.
He once did right because he hoped to merit heaven,
but now no such selfish motive sways him- he knows that he
is saved, and he now does right out of gratitude to God.

His ‘objects in life’ are changed-
he once lived for gain, or worldly honor;
now he lives for the glory of God.

His ‘comforts’ are changed-
the pleasures of the world and sin are nothing to him now,
he finds comfort in the love of God shed abroad in his heart.

His ‘desires’ are changed-
that which he once panted and pined for,
he is now content to do without.
And that which he once despised, he now longs after
as the deer pants after the water brooks.

His ‘fears’ are different-
he fears man no more, but fears his God.

His ‘hopes’ are also altered-
his expectations fly beyond the stars.

The man has begun a new life.

A convert once said-
“Either the world is altered or else I am.”

Everything seems new.

Beloved hearers, may we all meet in heaven.
But to meet in heaven we must all be converted,
for inside yonder gates of pearl none can enter
but those who are new creatures in Christ Jesus our Lord.
God bless you, for Christ’s sake. Amen.

Source: http://www.gracegems.org/5/True%20conversion.htm