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Persecution is Particularly Commissioned

James Durham, in his extensive lectures on Revelation (Chapter 6, Lecture III) observes:

Medieval knight on horse in battleThe persecutions of the Church of God are particularly ordered as well as the preaching of the Gospel, and the thriving and flourishing of the Church. This horse hath a rider, that hath his armor and a sword given to him, and it is told what he shall do, he shall take peace from the earth, go so far and no further: yea, there is a more particular commissionating of this nor the former, to point out that there is a particular hand guiding the sufferings of the Church and people of God. See it in Job, how in all the commissions Satan getteth, he is straitly bounded and limited. If the world rage at Christ and his followers and persecute, yet that horse is not without a rider, and a bridle, and the sword he carrieth is limited, it cannot hurt a hair of the head of any but as it is commissionated, The hairs of your head are all numbered (Matthew 10:[30]). Persecution cometh not without a particular commission, more than one is converted without the influence of his Spirit. He that guideth the one, guideth the other: and our Lord Jesus reigneth now as before.​

Source: https://www.puritanboard.com/threads/persecution-particularly-commissioned.92213/, Comment 1


Formed To Bear What I Suffer

Sbonski de Passabon-La galere Patronne

W.H. Lewis, The Splendid Century,  on a Huguenot sent to the galleys:

Marolles, another Huguenot, who in 1686 found himself in La Tournelle, the Paris assembly-point, has a grimmer story to tell; after complaining of the “filthiness and execrable blasphemies” to which he is subjected, he goes on: “We lie 53 of us in a place which is not above 30 feet in length and 9 in breadth. There lies on the right side of me a sick peasant, with his head to my feet and his feet to my head. There is scarce one among us who does not envy the condition of several dogs and horses”; and the conclusion of his letter to his wife is worthy to be written in letters of gold–“When I reflect on the merciful providence of God towards me, I am ravished with admiration and do evidently discover the secret steps of Providence which hath formed me from my youth after a requisite manner to bear what I suffer.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/89221-Formed-to-bear-what-I-suffer, Comment #1

There is an Older Counsel

Joseph Vernet - Côte dans une tempête

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 78:

Let us then establish our souls in this consideration: all is clear above, albeit cloudy below; all is calm in heaven, albeit tempestuous here upon earth. There is no confusion, no disorder in his mind. Though we think the world out of course, and that all things reel about with confusion, he hath one mind in it, and who can turn him? And that mind is good to them that trust in him; and therefore, who can turn away our good? Let men consult and imagine what they please; let them pass votes and decrees what to do with his people, – yet it is all to no purpose; for there is a counsel above, an older counsel, which must stand and take place in all generations.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/88937-All-is-clear-above-albeit-cloudy-below

Nothing Against Me Without My Saviour’s Permission

Franz von Defregger - Grace Before Meal

J.C. Ryle on God’s promises to believers:

“Let us now observe closely the use which the apostle made of that ancient but ever-living promise. First, he here availed himself of it in order to enforce his exhortation unto Christians to the duties of mortification and sanctification. Second, he draws a logical and practical inference from the same, declaring, ‘So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me’ (Heb. 13:6). Thus a double conclusion is reached: such a promise is to inspire all believers with confidence in God’s succour and assistance, and with boldness and courage before men-showing us to what purpose we should put the Divine pledges. Those conclusions are based upon the character of the Promiser: because God is infinitely good, faithful, and powerful, and because He changes not, I may trustfully declare with Abraham, ‘God will provide’ (Gen. 22:8); with Jonathan, ‘There is no restraint to the Lord’ (1 Sam. 14:6); with Jehoshaphat, ‘None is able to withstand Him’ (2 Chron. 20:6); with Paul, ‘If God be for us, who can be against us?’ (Romans 8:31). The abiding presence of the all-sufficient Lord ensures help, and therefore any alarm at man’s enmity should be removed from our hearts. My worst enemy can do nothing against me without my Saviour’s permission.”

Source: “A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism (The Application of the Scriptures),” pdf file linked to the accompanying sermon.

The True Security For A Happy Life

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“So numerous are the dangers which surround us, that we could not stand a single moment, if his eye did not watch over our preservation.  But the true security for a happy life lies in being persuaded that we are under divine government.”

~John Calvin

Absolute Safety

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“It is important to remember, that those whom God has taken under his care are in a state of the most absolute safety.”

~John Calvin

Truth is no Trifle!

C.H. Spurgeon:

ChancelWindowTruth“I dread much the spirit which would tamper with Truth for the sake of united action, or for any other object under heaven the latitudinarian spirit which sneers at creeds and dogmas. TRUTH IS NO TRIFLE! Not so thought our fathers, when at the stake they gave themselves to death, or on the brown heather of Scotland fell beneath the swords of Claverhouse’s Dragoons for truth which men nowadays count unimportant, but which being truths were to them so vital that they would sooner DIE than suffer them to be dishonoured.

O for the same uncompromising love of truth! ….. I pray God evermore to preserve us from unity in which the truth shall be considered valueless, in which principle gives place to policy, in which the noble and masculine virtues which adorn the Christian hero are to be supplemented by an effeminate affection of charity. May the Lord deliver us from indifference to His word and will … may God perpetually send some prophet who shall cry aloud to the world, ‘Your covenant with death shall be disannulled, your agreement with Hell shall not stand’. May there ever be found some men though they be rough as Amos, or stern as Haggai, who shall denounce again and again all league with error and all compromise with sin, and declare that these are the abhorrence of God … The destruction of every sort of union which is not based on TRUTH, is a preliminary to the edification of the unity of the Spirit.”

Source: Billy Graham: The Facts by Dr. Bert Oately-Willis, available online at http://media.sermonaudio.com/articles/fa-7708202438-11.pdf, Distributed by Faith Free Presbyterian Church at http://www.sermonaudio.com/source_articles.asp?sourceid=faith