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The privilege of prayer

Hugh Binning (Practical Sermons), Works, p. 653:

Prayer is not so much a duty as a privilege; and if saints knew this, prayer would not so often be a burden unto them. Is there any privilege like this? For prayer is an admission into the secrets of God, it is an emptying of the heart into his bosom. It is a great part of our correspondence with heaven. It is a swift messenger sent thither, that never comes back with ill news. It never returns empty, but accomplishes its intent. Prayer is as it were speaking with God face to face, as a man speaks to his friend; and is it not an honourable privilege, that believers are admitted to him, and may boldly come to him under all their necessities, and have such a sympathizing friend as Jesus? What is wonderful in scripture is, that God hath put that honour upon prayer to be instrumental in obtaining the greatest blessings. Did not the Lord, at the prayer of Moses, dry up the Red sea? Did he not, at the prayer of Elias, withhold and give rain? Did not the prayer of Joshua make the sun to stand still, till he had vanquished his enemies? Wherefore was all this? Could he not have done it unasked? Certainly, but the Lord would put that honour and respect upon prayer in all ages, that it might be a demonstration to all ages and generations, how ready and propense [disposed] God was to hear prayer.

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Now a Man Prays

C.Matthew McMahon:

Burroughs’ conclusion on prayer….from the last sermon in Gospel Worship (completed).

“Now, put all that has been said together, and this it what it is to pray: when I pray understandingly, when I give myself to prayer, when there are the breathings of the Holy Spirit in my prayer, when there is purity of heart like a golden vial, together with sincerity, when it is done in truth, when it is in faith, when it comes from a spiritual adoption, when it is in fervency, constancy, reverence, humility, and all of it is put up in the name of Jesus Christ, now a man prays.

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Praying the Scriptures

A great example from Feileadh Mor on how to pray the scriptures:


So Will You Be Strong In The Lord

Do not strive in your own strength; cast yourself at the feet of the Lord Jesus, and wait upon Him in the sure confidence that He is with you, and works in you. Strive in prayer; let faith fill your heart-so will you be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.

— Andrew Murray

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Turn Promises Into Prayer

Robert Traill (Stedfast Adherence to the Profession of our Faith), Works 3:42:

Would it not put another sort of edge upon our prayers, were we to eye God as a promising God? What do we do in prayer; think you, what is the business of prayer? The main thing in prayer is to put God in mind of the promise. The great work of Christians is to turn promises into prayer, and God will turn both into performance. Every believer, you know, is to ask according to God’s will. The asking according to God’s will is to ask in faith, James 1:5, 6. And not only to ask what God bids us ask, but to ask what God has commanded us to hope; and we know what to hope for, by what God has promised. If we stretch our hope beyond the promise, we are out of the way: but his promises are so large, that a believer needs not to fear but he hath room enough for his faith to work in, nay to run in.

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Gain Our Brothers Instead Of Blasting Them

US Navy 020712-N-5471P-010 EOD teams detonate expired ordnance in the Kuwaiti desert“Oh that Christians would learn to censure less and pray more and instead of speaking OF one another speak more TO one another and one FOR another…. But now the tender praying, healing, restoring spirit is departed and if Christians stir not up themselves to call it back again it is a sad sign that God is departing….
-We judge before we inquire.
-We reject before we admonish.
-We conclude vain assumptions upon our brethren before we come to them as Christians and fellow members.
We think this well becomes us as we take a kind of pride and contentment in it, but oh to inform, to convince, to exhort, to pray, this is to act like the disciples of Christ. This is to show ourselves Christians in deed, professors not of the letter but of the spirit that would gain our brothers instead of blasting them.”

-Thomas Case.

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A Heavenly Prayer Language?

The Cripplegate:

CaminhadabiblicaI remember the first few times hearing about a heavenly prayer language. Some called it praying, or speaking, in tongues. Not long after coming to faith in Christ, a group of friends took me to a few meetings where this would be happening. We gathered in homes, the forest, and a local church to experience these supposed, Holy-Spirit-induced prayers. What I witnessed was fairly similar: various individuals caught in a trance-like state, speaking, or praying (I wasn’t sure), out loud using non-language noises in somewhat of a repeated fashion. The prayers/noises sounded something like, “Hasha-batta, kala-hasha, nashta-kala, hasha-batta..”…

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