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Plain Song

Worship003“The use of singing with instrumental music was not received in the Christian church as it was among the Jews in their infant state, but only the use of plain song”

~Justin Martyr


Song Can Be Dangerous


Sean Anderson:

Early Christians were known for their singing of psalms not only in congregations, but also in private devotions and in the marketplaces (according to Basil the Great). These Christians were also wary of uninspired hymns which were often a means of propagating heresy, especially employed by the Gnostics (in the same manner that we ourselves are vulnerable today to the infiltration of Arminianism, dispensationalism and the prosperity gospel through contemporary music in our churches) . Song, which so easily resonates with the human mind, can be as dangerous in its potency as much as it can be beneficial to our souls.

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The Psalms Sing of God in Christ

Dr. Denny Prutow:

Bay1640Believers do sing of the essential deeds of God in Christ using the Psalms. The Psalms lay the foundation of human depravity (Ps. 5:9; 10:7; 14:1-3; 36:1; 51:4; and 140:3). Psalm 32:1-2 leads God’s people in singing of justification by grace through faith in Christ. Psalm 117 leads believers in singing of the gospel going to the nations. Psalm 2 leads worshipers in singing about the opposition of the nations to Christ and His Kingdom. Psalm 22 leads the church in singing about several aspects of Christ’s crucifixion. Psalm 16 leads believers in singing about His resurrection. Psalm 110 leads believers in singing about Christ’s ascension and heavenly reign. Psalm 68 also leads the church in singing about His ascension. Psalm 118 leads Christians in singing about Christ’s coming, and of His coming again. Psalms 2:7, 45:6-7, 102:25-27, and 110:1 lead us in singing of Christ as our God and Creator. Psalm 40:6-8 leads believers to sing of Christ in His active obedience and in His once for all sacrifice for our sins. The Psalms are sufficient to lead the church in singing in public worship of the essential deeds of God in Christ.

HT: https://gairneybridge.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/christ-in-the-psalms/

Original: http://dennyprutow.com/a-response-to-the-israelites-were-not-exclusive-psalmists-nor-are-we-2/

A Survey and Concise View of Exclusive Psalmody

via Mint, Anise, and the Cumin:

Bay Psalm Book title page“In the Old Testament the singing of praise is commanded with an explicit delineation of content: “the words of David, and of Asaph the seer” (2 Chronicles 29:30)

The Book of Psalms or Sefer Tehillim is properly the ‘Scrolls of Praise’ which contain Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs.

The Greek Septuagint as well as other translations of the book of Psalms contain the various titles in the inscriptions of each Psalm. One is a Psalm, One is a Song, One is a Hymn, another is a Psalm and Hymn and yet another a Hymn and Song.

When we get to Paul’s words in Ephesians and Colossians, the terms have already been well known on what they refer to which was the Sefer Tehillim and was part of a Triadic Expression…”

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Divine Worship Should Transcend All Times, Places, and Cultures

The Covenanters' Preaching

Michael Daniels:

“Divine worship is timeless, universal and transcendental. It does not have the fickleness of culture. Worship transcends the culture moment- the time, place and group out of which it has risen. The worship of the scriptures is universal and avoids the narrow generational or cultural classification and should transcend sect, race, generation, or party.”

Source and read more: https://mintdill.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/to-rap-or-not-to-rap-in-worship/

Worship Music is Different From Everyday Music

Laon 1562 Ps1Augustine, as quoted by John Calvin in the Preface to the Psalter, 1543:

“there is a great difference between music which one makes to entertain men at table and in their houses, and the Psalms which are sung in the Church in the presence of God and His angels”.

Source: https://mintdill.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/to-rap-or-not-to-rap-in-worship/

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Sunday at Home 1880 - Psalm 23