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Such A God As This They Cannot Endure

Descent of the Modernists, E. J. Pace, Christian Cartoons, 1922“Opposition to divine sovereignty is essentially atheism. Men have no objection to a god who is really no God; I mean, by this, a god who shall be the subject of their caprice, who shall be a lackey to their will, who shall be under their control; they have no objection to such a being as that; but a God who speaks, and it is done, who commands, and it stands fast, a God who has no respect for their persons, but does as he wills among the armies of heaven and among the inhabitants of this lower world, such a God as this they cannot endure.”

~ C.H. Spurgeon

Source: http://www.surphside.blogspot.ca/2016/01/opposition-to-divine-sovereignty.html


Don’t Blame God For Your Sin

John William Waterhouse - The Remorse of the Emperor Nero after the Murder of his Mother

Thomas Boston, Works, Volume 1, “Of the Providence of God”:

Beware of drawing an excuse for your sin from the providence of God ; for it is most holy, and has not the least efficiency in any sin you commit. Every sin is an act of rebellion against God ; a breach of his holy law, and deserves his wrath and curse; and therefore cannot be authorised by an infinitely-holy God, who is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity without detestation and abhorrence. Though he has by a permissive decree allowed moral evil to be in the world, yet that has no influence on the sinner to commit it. For it is not the fulfilling of God’s decree, which is an absolute secret to every mortal, but the gratification of their own lusts and perverse inclinations, that men intend and mind in the commission of sin.

Source: https://thepuritans2.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/thomasbostonvolume1.pdf

Why You Do Not Reject Christ

Jenners Tombstone

“If you are without Christ, you do not reject Christ because of any fatalistic fear of God’s decree. That is not what keeps you from Christ. You do not reject Christ because of the hypocrites you claim to see in the church. You may say that is why you reject Him, but you know it is a deception. Nor do you reject Christ because of any intellectual doubts you may have. You reject Jesus Christ because of your sin, because you are disobedient, because you love your wickedness, and because your heart is bound to your idols. That is why you reject Jesus Christ, your love of sin. The Lord Jesus said, “Men love darkness rather than light.” Why? Because they have intellectual difficulties with the light? Because they see hypocrites professing to walk in the light? Because they have some fatalistic notions of God’s predestination? No, sir! Strip the cloak of hypocrisy away from you today, and listen to what Jesus said. “Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil”–and for that reason only. It is sin that keeps you from Christ.”

Read more: Rev. Alan Cairns, Election and Reprobation, http://media.sermonaudio.com/articles/fa-7708201047-10.pdf, distributed by Faith Free Presbyterian Church at http://www.sermonaudio.com/source_articles.asp?sourceid=faith

The God of the Word

Gutenberg Bible, Lenox Copy, New York Public Library, 2009. Pic 01

“I would rather be open to the charge of worshipping the Bible than to be an apostate who rejects the Word of God and then seeks to deceive himself that he does not reject the God of the Word.”

~Rev. Alan Cairns, “Election and Reprobation,” distributed online by Faith Free Presbyterian Church at http://www.sermonaudio.com/source_articles.asp?sourceid=faith

Wanting the Benefits of God without God Himself

Hayllar - Hide and seekWhat are non-Christians seeking? One thing they are not seeking: God. “Paul declared, “There is none who seeks after God” (Rom. 3:11). The unbeliever never seeks God. The unbeliever is a fugitive from God. The natural pattern for humanity is to run from Him, to hide from Him. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10). He is the Seeker; we are the ones who are running. In humanity’s sinful state, we may look for answers to life’s puzzles, but we do not seek God.

Why, then, does it so often seem to us that unbelievers are seeking God? We observe them. They are seeking happiness, peace of mind, relief from guilt, a meaningful life, and a host of other things that we know only God can give them. But they are not seeking God. They are seeking the benefits of God. Natural humanity’s sin is precisely this: wanting the benefits of God without God Himself.”

~R.C. Sproul, Pleasing God: Discovering the Meaning and Importance of Sanctification

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/88279-Unregenerate-desire-to-be-regenerated, Comment #4

We Are All Offended

Nobl-06“What the Bible reveals about God and ourselves is the last thing that the non-Christian wants to believe. He does not wish to believe it is true. Do I want to be told not only that I do wrong, but that I am wrong at the centre of my being? that my heart is deceitful and desperately wicked? Do I want to hear that there is none righteous, no, not one? and that to live for self, and not my holy Creator, deserves his righteous anger and condemnation? Do I like learning that I cannot save myself, and that if God does not deliver me I am lost in hell forever? Is the natural man pleased to hear that Christ alone must save, and that it is only by repentance and faith in him that any will reach heaven? No! We are all offended. We have no heart for it. It contradicts my good opinion of myself. The natural man does not want Christ. When Lord Rochester came to repentance towards the end of his profligate life he is reported to have said to Gilbert Burnet: ‘It is not reason, but a bad life which is the great argument against the Bible.’”[23]

[23] Quoted by J. C. Ryle, Principles for Churchmen (London: Hunt, 1884), p. 434.

Source and read more:

~, “How Scotland Lost Its Hold of the Bible,” https://banneroftruth.org/us/resources/articles/2015/how-scotland-lost-its-hold-of-the-bible/

When Unbelief Comes In, All Evil Things Follow

Fête de la Raison 1793

Man is now thinking out a Bible for himself; framing a religion in harmony with the development of liberal thought; constructing a worship on the principles of taste and culture; shaping a god to suit the expanding aspirations of the age. … The extent of the mischief no one can calculate. A soul without faith, a church without faith, a nation without faith, a world without faith – what is to be their future? What is their present? When faith goes, all good things go. When unbelief comes in, all evil things follow.

~Horatius Bonar, Our Ministry: How It Touches the Questions of the Age (Edinburgh: MacNiven, 1883), pp. 54-5.