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As a Garden Enclosed to God

Hugh Binning, Works, pp. 194-195:

George Forster Eine junge Marktfrau beim Abwägen von Früchten 1861When once the spirit is renewed … then the soul savours the sweet smell of the fruits of the Spirit, ver. 22, “Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, meekness, temperance,” &c. These are fragrant and sweet to the soul, and as a sweet perfume, both to the person that hath them, and to others round about him, and to God also. These cast a savour that allures a soul to seek them; and being possessed of them, they cast a sweet smell abroad to all that are round about, and even as high as heaven. A soul that hath these planted in it, and growing out of it, is as a garden enclosed to God. These fruits are both pleasant and sweet to the soul that eats them; and as the pleasantness of the apple allured man to taste it and sin, so the beauty and sweetness of these fruits of the Spirit draw the spirit of a man after them. He hath found the savour, and seen the beauty, and this allures him to taste them, and then he invites the well-beloved to come and taste also, to eat of these fruits with him.

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It Must Come From Above

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 184:

Windswept by John William WaterhouseThings are like their original, and some way participate of the nature of their causes. “That which is born of the Spirit, is spirit,” John 3:6. That which is born of God, who is a Spirit, must be spirit, 1 John 5:1. How royal a descent is that! How doth it nobilitate a man’s nature! Truly, all other degrees of birth among men are vain imaginary things, that have no worth at all, but in the fancies of men. They put no real excellency in men. But this is only true nobility. This alone doth extract a man de fæce vulgi, “out of the dregs of the multitude.” There is no intrinsic difference between bloods, or natures, but what this makes, this divine birth, this second birth. All other differences are but in opinion, this is in reality. It puts the image of that blessed Spirit upon a man. Truly, such a creature is not begotten in the womb of any natural cause, of any human persuasion, or enticing words of man’s wisdom, of any external mercy or judgment. No instruction, no persuasion, no allurement, nor affrightment can make you Christians in the Spirit, till the Spirit blow when he pleaseth, and create you again. It must come from above, – that power that can set your hearts aright, and make them to look straight above.

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Make It Sure That You Have Given Him A Soul To Save

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“Now when we speak of dying in the Lord, we would have you to take three steps together. (1) Study to be in Him; there is no possible dying in Him without being in Him; any that would be happy by dying in Him would by all means accept of the offers of the gospel, flee to Christ for refuge, and close with Him by faith, and endeavor to put that out of question, that you are in Him. O! make it sure that you have given Him a soul to save, and acquiesce in Him as your savior. (2) Live by faith in Him; there is none that can expect to die in Christ that never seriously sought to live in Him. Make it manifest that you live in Him, by having another sort of life than brutish men still in that natural state have. God may call a thief on the cross, and make Him to die in Christ that has not lived in Him, but none of you can comfortably expect that He will deal so with you, and where one is so dealt with, twenty, if not an hundred, even very many die without it. And let me say it, if ever anytime God was striking men and women with stupidity at death, it is palpable, He is striking many so at this time. It may be some of you may know God striking some with stupidity, that made a mock at the serious exercise of godliness in their lifetime. Therefore, I say again, make your being in Christ sure; evidence your being in Him by living in and to Him.”

~James Durham, Sermon One on Revelation 14:13. And I heard a voice from Heaven, saying unto me, ‘Write, Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth; yea,’ saith the Spirit, ‘that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.’

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Believing of His Precious Promises is Salvation

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 30:

La Normandie Jules Janin illustration 95Our Lord Jesus Christ, – an expert Saviour, and very learned and complete for this work, – he brings man out of this pit of misery by that same way he fell into it. He fell down by unbelief, and he brings him up out of it by faith. This is the cord that is cast down to the poor soul in the dungeon; or rather his faith is the dead-grip of the cord of divine promises which is sent unto the captive-prisoner; and by virtue thereof he is drawn out into the light of salvation. Unbelief of the law of God did first destroy man; now the belief of the gospel saves him. The not believing of the Lord’s threatenings was the beginning of his ruin; and believing of his precious promises is salvation.

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When Are You Bruised Enough?

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Thomas Watson:

It is hard to prescribe a just measure of humiliation. It is the same in the new birth as in the natural. Some give birth with more pangs, and some with fewer. But would you like to know when you are bruised enough? When your spirit is so troubled that you are willing to let go those lusts which brought in the greatest income of pleasure and delight. When not only is sin discarded but you are disgusted with it, then you have been bruised enough. The medicine is strong enough when it has purged out the disease. The soul is bruised enough when the love of sin is purged out.

~“The Godly Man’s Picture” pg. 227

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No Real Conviction for Sin

A.W. Tozer on today’s low spiritual energy:

Vittorio Matteo Corcos - Dreams - 1896The result is that when people “accept” Christ they do so with little or no real conviction for sin and without radical repentance. It is rare now to see a transforming conversion. The average convert becomes one by a series of compromises, whereby he surrenders something to gain something and dickers for his salvation like a huckster. The thought of unconditional surrender to the Lordship of Jesus never enters his mind. A shoddy mercantile theology has reduced the whole thing to the level of an across-the-counter transaction with no loss of face to the sinner. Of course the resultant conversion is a cold-blooded, emotionless affair.

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Faith Holds Its Life, Its All, Of Christ

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Thomas Halyburton, The Great Concern of Salvation (Works, p. 168):

As the precious faith of God’s elect is at first planted in the soul by the blessed hand of him who is the Author of faith to all them that believe; so it receives all its increases from him. He nourishes it by influences from above; it derives all its growth from him. The gentle breezes of the Spirit, the north and south winds, breathing in the ordinances, quicken all the graces of the Spirit, and cause them to send forth a savoury and fragrant smell. Faith holds its life, its all, of Christ.

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