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The Expression of Divine Mercy and of Divine Justice

Yorkshire pigs at animal sanctuary“Election is the expression of the divine mercy; reprobation of the divine justice. Whoever hold the doctrine of election must hold the doctrine of reprobation. Reprobation implies that God simply passes by the sinner leaving him as he is. In election He makes choice of the sinner in His sovereign grace. Both are acts of the sovereignty of God.”

(Rev. D. Beaton, Free Presbyterian Magazine, Vol. 35: p. 244).

~Rev. William MacLean, M.A., “Arminiamism: Another Gospel”

Source: http://www.truecovenanter.com/gospel/arminianism_another_gospel.html


He Hath No Ground To Be Discouraged By The Doctrine Of Reprobation

Walter Langley - Never Morning Wore To Evening 1894

John Bunyan:

Lastly, To conclude as I began, there is no man while in this world, that doth certainly know that he is left out of the electing love of the great God; neither hath he any word in the whole bible, to persuade him so to conclude and believe; for the scriptures hold forth salvation to the greatest of sinners. Wherefore, though the act of reprobation were far more harsh, and its doctrine also more sharp and severe, yet it cannot properly be said to hinder any. It is a foolish thing in any to be troubled with those things which they have no ground to believe concerns themselves; especially when the latitude of their discouragement is touching their own persons only. ‘The secret things belong unto the Lord our God’(Deuteronomy 29: 29). Indeed every one of the words of God ought to put us upon examination, and into a serious enquiry of our present state and condition, and how we now do stand for eternity; to wit, whether we are ready to meet the Lord, or how it is with us. Yet, when search is fully made, and the worst come unto the worst, the party can find himself no more than the chief of sinners, not excluded from the grace of God tendered in the gospel; not from an invitation, nay a promise, to be embraced and blest, if he comes to Jesus Christ. Wherefore he hath no ground to be discouraged by the doctrine of reprobation (1 Timothy 1: 15; Acts 3: 19; 2 Chronicles 33; John 7: 37, John 6: 37; Mark 2: 17

Without The True Hatred Of It

Constant Wauters Der ertappte HausdienerArthur Dent, A Pastime for Parents: Or A Recreation, to Passe Away the Time; Containing the Most Principall Grounds of Christian Religion:

“The knowledge of the reprobates is onely literall and historicall. The knowledge of the Elect is spirituall, and experimentall….The reprobate hath a kind of natural feeling of sin, but it is without the true hatred of it, for in his heart he loveth it. The elect doth so feel his sin, that hee hateth it, taketh counsell against it, and prayeth against it.”

One Strives Against It

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Cornelius Burgess:

“The dominion of sin in the regenerate (which is but improperly called a dominion) may be distinguished from the proper dominion of sin in reprobates, by the instance in two men swimming in a strong tide, one swimming against the tide, the other with it. They are both carried down the stream by the strength of the water, but one strives against it even when he is most violently carried away with it, the other is carried away and never strives but puts out all his strength to swim along with the tide willingly and willfully, with delight and desperate resolution.”

~Presumptive Regeneration, or, The Baptismal Regeneration of Elect Infants, (Crossville: Puritan Publications, 2014) page 225, Footnote.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f59/great-illustration-cornelius-burgess-84517/, Comment #1

Their Punishment Rests On Their Own Sins

Sheep and goats on a farm in Tarn, France, 29 September 2012Those who are passed over are those who God has not chosen to soften so that they can be inclined to believe the free offer of the Gospel. This group is instead ordained to dishonor and wrath for their sin, for the praise of the glorious justice of God. Repeatedly, we are told that this was is based upon justice.  Sin is the reason why some are judicially punished by God. The non–elect are “ordained to dishonor and wrath for their sins, to the praise of his glorious justice.” (Westminster Confession Faith,” Ch. 3, sec. 3–7; cf.  Larger Catechism, Question 13;Shorter Catechism, Question 20.

Sin, however, is not the reason why God has not chosen them to receive the grace of regeneration. God’s will was not to show them mercy, and He did this by withholding from them saving faith and the grace of conversion. “God elects as sons those whom he pleases, according to the good pleasure of his will, without any regard to merit, while rejecting and reprobating others” (Calvin, Institutes. III.xxiii.10; cf. III.xxii.11; III.23.1).  When we look to the salvation of men, it is must attributed to God alone, but if we are to see the cause of their damnation, it must rest upon their own sin.

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