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Times of Refreshing by Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Thirsty believers. All believers should be thirsty, but few are. Those who are genuinely so are thirsty for the Word. When two travelers are going through the wilderness, you can tell which of them is thirsty by noticing who is always looking out for wells. Thirsty believers love the Word read and preached. They thirst for it more and more.

Is it so with you, dear believing brethren? It is a fearful sign to see little thirst in the children of God. I do not wonder when the world stays away from our meetings for the Word and prayer but when professing believers do, my soul weeps for the pride of the church. God grant that we may not have famine of the Word for very long.

Thirst will lead believers to united prayer, which is the well where living water may be drawn. If your town were in desperate need of water, would you not meet one with another to consult and dig new wells? Yet now our towns are in much need of grace. Souls are perishing for lack of it, and you yourselves are languishing. Oh, meet to pray!

Oh, that you would know the joy of giving yourself away! You cannot keep yourself. This day try and give all to Him. Lie in His hand. Little children, write on your hand: “I am the Lord’s.”

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