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The Chain of Life

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 208:

Broad chain closeupYou must retire, my beloved, and disengage from the love of other things, or you cannot love Christ; and if you love not Christ, you cannot have peace with the Father: and if you have not that peace, you cannot have life. This is the chain of life; the first link begins at the divorcement of all former loves and beloved idols: once the soul must be loosed in desire and delight, and that link must be fastened upon the most lovely and desirable object, Christ, the Desire of the nations; and this draws along another link of peace and life with it. Do not mistake it, religion would not hinder or prejudice your lawful business in this world: O, it were the most compendious way to advance it, with more ease to your souls! But certainly it will teach you to exchange the love of these things for a better and more heart-contenting love.

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As a Garden Enclosed to God

Hugh Binning, Works, pp. 194-195:

George Forster Eine junge Marktfrau beim Abwägen von Früchten 1861When once the spirit is renewed … then the soul savours the sweet smell of the fruits of the Spirit, ver. 22, “Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, meekness, temperance,” &c. These are fragrant and sweet to the soul, and as a sweet perfume, both to the person that hath them, and to others round about him, and to God also. These cast a savour that allures a soul to seek them; and being possessed of them, they cast a sweet smell abroad to all that are round about, and even as high as heaven. A soul that hath these planted in it, and growing out of it, is as a garden enclosed to God. These fruits are both pleasant and sweet to the soul that eats them; and as the pleasantness of the apple allured man to taste it and sin, so the beauty and sweetness of these fruits of the Spirit draw the spirit of a man after them. He hath found the savour, and seen the beauty, and this allures him to taste them, and then he invites the well-beloved to come and taste also, to eat of these fruits with him.

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It Must Come From Above

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 184:

Windswept by John William WaterhouseThings are like their original, and some way participate of the nature of their causes. “That which is born of the Spirit, is spirit,” John 3:6. That which is born of God, who is a Spirit, must be spirit, 1 John 5:1. How royal a descent is that! How doth it nobilitate a man’s nature! Truly, all other degrees of birth among men are vain imaginary things, that have no worth at all, but in the fancies of men. They put no real excellency in men. But this is only true nobility. This alone doth extract a man de fæce vulgi, “out of the dregs of the multitude.” There is no intrinsic difference between bloods, or natures, but what this makes, this divine birth, this second birth. All other differences are but in opinion, this is in reality. It puts the image of that blessed Spirit upon a man. Truly, such a creature is not begotten in the womb of any natural cause, of any human persuasion, or enticing words of man’s wisdom, of any external mercy or judgment. No instruction, no persuasion, no allurement, nor affrightment can make you Christians in the Spirit, till the Spirit blow when he pleaseth, and create you again. It must come from above, – that power that can set your hearts aright, and make them to look straight above.

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True Faith Receives The Whole Christ

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 227: 

Nuremberg chronicles f 149v 3Happiness without [outside] you will not make you happy; salvation round about you will not save you. If you would be saved, there must be a near and immediate union with happiness. Christ in the heart, and salvation cometh with him. A Christian is not only Christ without, not imputing his sins to him, clothing him with his righteousness; but Christ within too, cleansing the heart from the love of sin, “perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” Do not think you have any share in Christ without you, except you receive Christ within you; because Christ is one within and without, and his gifts are undivided. Therefore, true faith receives whole Christ as a complete Saviour; even as he is entirely offered, so he is undividedly received: as he is without saving us, and within sanctifying us, – Christ without, delivering from wrath, – and Christ within, redeeming from all iniquity, – these cannot be parted more than his coat that had no seam.

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Our Iniquities Were Laid On Him


Hugh Binning, Works, p. 130:

There was in him nothing condemnable, no sin, no guile in his mouth; yet there was condemnation to him, because he was in stead and place of sinners. Our iniquities were laid on him, not in him; he who knew no sin was made a curse for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. So then, the soul that fleeth into Jesus Christ’s righteousness, though it have in it all that deserveth condemnation, yet there is no condemnation to it, because his righteousness is laid upon it, and Christ hath taken away the curse. The innocent Son of God was condemned, therefore are guilty sinners absolved.

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Twice More His

Lava Lake Nyiragongo 2

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 129:

There is no man within the world should have more thoughts, more deep and earnest meditations on the curse and wrath of God, than those who are delivered from them through Christ; and my reason is, that ye may know how great a salvation ye have received, how great a condemnation ye have escaped, and may henceforth walk as those who are bought with a price. Your creation makes you not your own, but his, because he gave that being. But your redemption should make you twice more his, and not your own, because, when that being was worse than if it had not been at all, he made it over again. So ye are twice his: first, he made you with a word, but now he hath bought you with a price, and that a dear price, – his blood.

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The First Right Step Heavenward

Robert Traill (The Throne of Grace), Works, 1:23:

BabyfootWhat then is this coming to the throne of grace? 1. It is in believing on Jesus Christ. This is the first approach to the throne of grace. He is the propitiation, and mercy-seat, and throne of grace, 1 John 4:10. Believing on him, is coming to him, John 6:35. It is coming to the Father by him, John 14:6. It is believing on God by him, 1 Pet. 1:21. It is believing on him, and on him that sent him, John 12:44. Believing on Jesus Christ, is an employing of Christ in way of trust, as to all his fulness of grace, and our utter indigence thereof. Whatever a man do, whatever exercises of religion he be taken up in, he never comes to the throne of grace, till his heart and soul go forth towards Jesus Christ for righteousness and life. The first right step heavenward, is saving faith in Christ. Nothing savingly good can precede it, and all saving good follows it: for faith unites the man to Christ, and all the fruits of holiness and righteousness spring from the virtue of the vine Christ; with whom the believer hath first union by grace, and then communion of Christ’s grace, by which he lives, and works, and grows.

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