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We Need To Suspect Our Own Hearts

Oursonne et son petit

Ralph Erskine (Self-conceit dissected), Sermons 1:364-365:

What! am I a dog, to do so and so! Men persuade themselves, through self-conceit, that their nature is not so far venomed, that it should break forth into such wickedness. Indeed, there may be some sins that we are not so much tempted to as others: so Luther said of himself, “That he never was tempted to covetousness.” Yet there is no sin but we may both be tempted to, and, through temptation, even fall into, if the everlasting arms do not under-prop. This is supposed in that motive adduced, Gal. 6:1, “Brethren, if any man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.” We need to suspect our own hearts, if we knew our nature: however they may be tamed by education, civility, good example, and the like. As you would readily suspect a bear, or wolf, or lion, or any such like beast, and be loath to trust yourself to it, though never so well tamed, knowing its natural voracious disposition: even so, “He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool,” and he that leaneth to his own understanding is not wise. Fear even those sins which ye least suspect, and to which you find not yourselves so pronely carried.

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The Victory Is Near At Hand

Robert Traill (The Lord’s Prayer, John 17:24), Works 2:247:

MimamayanomemimaThe devil hath many things to say against us; some too true, that we cannot deny; and some things false, which we may justly deny, and yet do not through our weakness. But when Satan chargeth us with sin truly, which we cannot deny, I would not have believers reason and parley with him (he is too cunning a sophister for us); but only tell him something of Christ, that we too often forget, and that the devil can neither bear nor answer. “If the devil speak against me as a sinner in myself, I say Amen to all that is true; but if he say any thing against Christ the Saviour, I dare say he is a liar.” If the tempted believer can but say, “I am in Christ, and therefore I shall prevail; Christ hath overcome the devil, and therefore I will resist him;” the victory is near at hand.

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It Prepared Him For A Temptation

Daydreaming Gentleman“let a man setup any sin in delightful contemplation and meditation, that same inward acting of his sin, either actually casts him upon the outward adventures, or invites them. This is the LEAST that it does. It strangely ripens his natural inclination; and, besides that, it PREPARES him for a temptation that suits that way. Satan shall not need to tempt him who has already tempted himself: and he who will work sin in his heart, a weak occasion will draw it out into his life. Thirty pieces of silver will prevail with a covetous Judas , who already had gold as his master in his heart.”

~Obadiah Sedgwick

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Much Hurt Comes By Sin

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 342:

Though ye be secured in your eternal estate, and there can come no condemnation that way, yet there is much hurt comes by sin, even in this world; and sure, I think it a very rational and Christian inducement, to prevail with a Christian not to sin, to tell him that he shall make a foolish bargain by it, for he shall lose much more than he can gain. Is there no hurt or loss incident to men, but eternal perdition? Nay, my beloved, there is a loss Christians may sustain by sinning freely, which all the combined advantages of sin cannot compensate. Is not one hour’s communion with God, are not the peace of your own consciences, and the joy of the Spirit, such inestimable jewels, that it were more suitable for a man to sell the world, and buy them, than to sell them, and buy a poor momentary trifling contentment, which hath a sting in the tail of it, and leaves nothing but vexation after it? O these bruises in David’s bones, these breaches in his spirit, that loss of the joy of his salvation! Let these teach you who are escaped the great hurt of sin, to fear, at least, to be hurt by it this way, more than ever you can expect to be helped by it.

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The Round in which a Believer is to Walk

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 337:

This is the round in which a believer is to walk, – to turn from pardon to purity, and from pollution again to pardon, for these voices and sounds are interchanged continually. If ye have sinned, believe in Christ the advocate and sacrifice, and, because ye have believed, sin not; but if ye be overtaken in sin, yet believe. And as this is daily renewed, so the soul’s study and endeavour in them should be daily renewed too. If ye have sinned, despair not; if ye be pardoned, yet presume not. After sin there is hope, it is true, because “there is forgiveness with him;” but after forgiveness, there must be fear to offend his goodness; for there is forgiveness with him, that he may be feared, Ps. 130:4. And this is the situation I would desire my soul in, – to be placed between hope of his mercy and fear of sin, the faith of his favour and the hatred of sin, which he will not favour; and how happy were a soul to be confined within these, and kept captive to its true liberty!

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That We Sin Not

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 335:

Look upon all his particular acts of care and favour towards thee, consider his judgments upon the world, upon the nation, or thine own person. Put to thine ear, and hear. This is the joint harmonious melody, this is the proclamation of all, “that we sin not,” that we sin not against so good a God, and so great a God. That were wickedness, this were madness. If he wound, it is “that we sin not:” if he heal again, it is “that we sin not.” Doth he kill? It is “that we sin not!” Doth he make alive? It is for the same end. Doth he shut up and restrain our liberty, either by bondage, or sickness, or other afflictions? Why, he means “that we sin not.” Doth he open again? He means the same thing, “that we sin no more, lest a worse thing befall us.” Doth he make many to fall in battle, and turn the fury of that upon us? The voice of it is, that you who are left behind should “sin no more.” Is there severity towards others, and towards you clemency? O the loud voice of that is, “sin not!”

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Is God The Author Of Sin?

This raises the perennial theological and philosophical issue of the relationship of God to evil. If God is sovereign, does this mean that He is the author of sin? And if God is sovereign, does this not make our decision-making a fiction and not a reality? And does this not also imply that the universe is like a computer, carrying out the pre-programming of a sovereign software specialist with no real liberty of its own? To all three questions, the Westminster Confession of Faith responded with a negative: “God, from all eternity, did, by the most wise and holy counsel of His own will freely, and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass: yet so, as thereby neither is God the author of sin, nor is violence offered to the will of the creatures; nor is the liberty or contingency of second causes taken away, but rather established” (3.1)…

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