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Where Sin Dines, Judgment Will Sup

Thomas Boston, Works, 3:196:Whoever then will have the sweet of sin, must lay their accounts with the sour of it. They that drink of the brim of that cup must drink of the dregs of it too. God has fixed shame, sorrow and torment of heart to sin, with such strong bands that none shall be able to break. Where sin dines, judgment will sup. Wrath follows it, as the shadow does the body. The stinging serpent lies on the other side of the hedge of God’s law, which they who break over will find.


Wrestle, Fight, Go Forward

Samuel Rutherford (Letters, pp. 34, 35):

I have heard your Ladyship complain of deadness, and want of the bestirring power of the life of God. But courage! He who walked in the garden, and made a noise that made Adam hear His voice, will also at some times walk in your soul, and make you hear a more sweet word. Yet, ye will not always hear the noise and the din of His feet, when He walketh. Ye are, at such a time, like Jacob mourning at the supposed death of Joseph, when Joseph was living. The new creature, the image of the second Adam, is living in you; and yet ye are mourning at the supposed death of the life of Christ in you. Ephraim is bemoaning and mourning (Jer. 31.18), when he thinketh God is far off and heareth not; and yet God is like the bridegroom (Song 2.9), standing only behind a thin wall and laying to His ear; for He saith Himself, “I have surely heard Ephraim bemoaning himself.” I have good confidence, Madam, that Christ Jesus, whom your soul through forests and mountains is seeking, is within you. And yet I speak not this to lay a pillow under your head, or to dissuade you from a holy fear of the loss of your Christ, or of provoking and “stirring up the Beloved before He please,” by sin. I know, in spiritual confidence, the devil will come in, as in all other good works, and cry “Half mine;” and so endeavour to bring you under a fearful sleep, till He whom your soul loveth be departed from the door, and have left off knocking. And, therefore, here the Spirit of God must hold your soul’s feet in the golden mid-line, betwixt confident resting in the arms of Christ, and presumptuous and drowsy sleeping in the bed of fleshly security. Therefore, worthy lady, so count little of yourself, because of your own wretchedness and sinful drowsiness, that ye count not also little of God, in the course of His unchangeable mercy. For there be many Christians most like unto young sailors, who think the shore and the whole land doth move, when the ship and they themselves are moved; just so, not a few do imagine that God moveth and saileth and changeth places, because their giddy souls are under sail, and subject to alteration, to ebbing and flowing. But “the foundation of the Lord abideth sure.” God knoweth that ye are His own. Wrestle, fight, go forward, watch, fear, believe, pray; and then ye have all the infallible symptoms of one of the elect of Christ within you.​

Source: https://puritanboard.com/threads/for-those-of-us-that-can-be-too-hard-on-ourselves.95146/, Comment 7

A Sweet and Constant Travelling

Andrew Gray (Great and Precious Promises, pp. 151, 152):

O! if Christians knew to judge of themselves, by what they are in Christ, and not by what they are in themselves, that with one eye they might look to themselves, and cry out, “I am undone,” and with another look to Christ, and cry out, “There is hope in Israel concerning me.” That is, with one eye they might look to themselves, and blush, and with another eye they might look to Christ, and hope. That with one eye they might look to themselves, and weep, and with another eye they might look to Christ, and rejoice. O Christian! wilt thou judge always of thy self, by what thou art in Christ, and not by what thou art in thy self: Yea, I would say this to thee by the way, when thou meetest with tentations that put thee to dispute thy interest, do but send them to Christ to get an answer and say, “O precious Christ, answer this tentation.” For this is Christ’s way with the soul. The Law must bring us back to Christ, and Christ must send us back to the Law, and deliver us over to it, not to the condemning power of it as before, but the directing and guiding power of it as a rule of holiness: So that a Christians’ whole life must be a sweet and constant travelling between Christ and the Law. When thou hast broken the Law, flee unto Christ to take away guilt, and when thou hast closed with Christ, come running out again in his strength, to perform the Law.

Source: https://puritanboard.com/threads/for-those-of-us-that-can-be-too-hard-on-ourselves.95146/, Comment 7

He Sees No Spots In His People

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 378:

Is there any man can say, I have cleansed my heart from iniquity? No, not one. Yet behold, he sees no spots in his people. He doth not make them his people because spotless, but he seeth them spotless because he makes them his people. There is no covering that can hide men’s uncleanness from his piercing eye, but one, even Jesus Christ his righteousness: and “Blessed is he whose sins are covered.” If this covering were spread over the mouth of all hell, then hell should have a covering from his eyes. If ye therefore strip yourselves naked of your own pretences and leaves, and think not yourselves secure under any created shelter; if ye hide not your iniquity, then it shall be hid indeed; here is a covering that shall hide it from his eyes. There is no spot so heinous, none so ingrained, but the blood of Jesus can wash it as perfectly out, as if it had never been.

Source: https://www.puritanboard.com/threads/he-sees-no-spots-in-his-people.89685/, Comment 1

Church Hypocrites

Church hypocrites?

by Spurgeon

No man who is not united in his heart vitally and entirely to
Christ, can ever be of the slightest service to the church of God.

Oh, if there be a place where sinners are more loathsome
to God than anywhere else, it is in his church.

A dog in its kennel is well enough- but a
dog in the throne-room is quite out of place.

A sinner in the world is bad enough-
but in the church he is hideous!

A madman in an asylum is a creature to be pitied,
but a madman who protests he is not mad, and will
thrust himself among us that he may obtain means
of doing mischief, is not merely to be pitied,
he is to be avoided, and needs to be restrained.

God hates sin anywhere, but when sin puts its fingers
upon his divine altar; when it comes and lays its insolent
hand upon the sacrifice that is burning there, then God
spurns it from him with disgust.

Of all men, who stand in the most likely place to receive the
mightiest thunderbolt, and the most terrible lightning’s flash,
those are the men who have a divided heart, and profess to
serve God, while with their souls they are serving sin.

Take heed, sinner, take heed, running on in your sin you will
meet with punishment. But after all, O hypocrite, look well
to your ways, for your sin and your lie together shall bring
down a dread and swift destruction upon your devoted head.

Source: http://www.gracegems.org/9/church_hypocrites.htm

We Need To Suspect Our Own Hearts

Oursonne et son petit

Ralph Erskine (Self-conceit dissected), Sermons 1:364-365:

What! am I a dog, to do so and so! Men persuade themselves, through self-conceit, that their nature is not so far venomed, that it should break forth into such wickedness. Indeed, there may be some sins that we are not so much tempted to as others: so Luther said of himself, “That he never was tempted to covetousness.” Yet there is no sin but we may both be tempted to, and, through temptation, even fall into, if the everlasting arms do not under-prop. This is supposed in that motive adduced, Gal. 6:1, “Brethren, if any man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.” We need to suspect our own hearts, if we knew our nature: however they may be tamed by education, civility, good example, and the like. As you would readily suspect a bear, or wolf, or lion, or any such like beast, and be loath to trust yourself to it, though never so well tamed, knowing its natural voracious disposition: even so, “He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool,” and he that leaneth to his own understanding is not wise. Fear even those sins which ye least suspect, and to which you find not yourselves so pronely carried.

Source: https://puritanboard.com/threads/we-need-to-suspect-our-own-hearts.92989/

5 Warnings to Those Who Pretend to be Godly

Faces @ Kushalnagar


“There are many within the church who are hypocrites, people who claim to be Christians but who are, in fact, unbelievers attempting to convince others (and perhaps themselves) that they are followers of Jesus Christ. They are people who do not practice true virtue but who instead offer counterfeit versions of it…

Here are five solemn warnings to those who only pretend to be godly:”