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But Spillings and Overflowings of God’s Bounty



“It they [the wicked] receive anything, they cannot look upon it as coming by promise, or as a return of prayers. When the children are fed, the dogs may have crumbs: all their comforts are but the spillings and overflowings of God’s bounty” (Works, 4:53).

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In The Bounty Of His Providence

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Thomas Manton:

“we can draw no argument of love or hatred from outward things. Many ungodly men may prosper in this world; they cannot say therefore that God loves them. Prisoners have an allowance till the time of their execution, so have carnal men; God in the bounty of his providence gives them a great many comforts and mercies in the present life.”

~(Works, 14:382.)

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Wanting the Benefits of God without God Himself

Hayllar - Hide and seekWhat are non-Christians seeking? One thing they are not seeking: God. “Paul declared, “There is none who seeks after God” (Rom. 3:11). The unbeliever never seeks God. The unbeliever is a fugitive from God. The natural pattern for humanity is to run from Him, to hide from Him. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10). He is the Seeker; we are the ones who are running. In humanity’s sinful state, we may look for answers to life’s puzzles, but we do not seek God.

Why, then, does it so often seem to us that unbelievers are seeking God? We observe them. They are seeking happiness, peace of mind, relief from guilt, a meaningful life, and a host of other things that we know only God can give them. But they are not seeking God. They are seeking the benefits of God. Natural humanity’s sin is precisely this: wanting the benefits of God without God Himself.”

~R.C. Sproul, Pleasing God: Discovering the Meaning and Importance of Sanctification

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We Are All Offended

Nobl-06“What the Bible reveals about God and ourselves is the last thing that the non-Christian wants to believe. He does not wish to believe it is true. Do I want to be told not only that I do wrong, but that I am wrong at the centre of my being? that my heart is deceitful and desperately wicked? Do I want to hear that there is none righteous, no, not one? and that to live for self, and not my holy Creator, deserves his righteous anger and condemnation? Do I like learning that I cannot save myself, and that if God does not deliver me I am lost in hell forever? Is the natural man pleased to hear that Christ alone must save, and that it is only by repentance and faith in him that any will reach heaven? No! We are all offended. We have no heart for it. It contradicts my good opinion of myself. The natural man does not want Christ. When Lord Rochester came to repentance towards the end of his profligate life he is reported to have said to Gilbert Burnet: ‘It is not reason, but a bad life which is the great argument against the Bible.’”[23]

[23] Quoted by J. C. Ryle, Principles for Churchmen (London: Hunt, 1884), p. 434.

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One Strives Against It

Asilomar State Beach (Breaking wave) 02

Cornelius Burgess:

“The dominion of sin in the regenerate (which is but improperly called a dominion) may be distinguished from the proper dominion of sin in reprobates, by the instance in two men swimming in a strong tide, one swimming against the tide, the other with it. They are both carried down the stream by the strength of the water, but one strives against it even when he is most violently carried away with it, the other is carried away and never strives but puts out all his strength to swim along with the tide willingly and willfully, with delight and desperate resolution.”

~Presumptive Regeneration, or, The Baptismal Regeneration of Elect Infants, (Crossville: Puritan Publications, 2014) page 225, Footnote.

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Offend Man or God?

A bearded man expressing scorn. Engraving by M. Engelbrecht Wellcome V0009356Arthur Pink:

“If we are content to offend God rather than displease our friends or relatives, then we are greatly deceived if we regard ourselves as genuine Christians.”

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The Applause of the World is Nothing Worth

Thomas Boston, Works, 5:26 (The Art of Man-Fishing):

Hands-ClappingConsider that the applause of the world is nothing worth. It is hard to be gotten; for readily the applause of the unlearned is given to him whom the learned despise, and the learned applaud him whom the common people care not for. And when it is got, what have you? A vain empty puff of wind. They think much of thee, thou thinkest much of thyself, and in the mean time God thinks nothing of thee. Remember, O my soul, what Christ said to the Pharisees, Luke 16:15, “Ye are they which justify yourselves before men, but God knoweth your hearts. For that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.” Let this scare thee from seeking thyself.

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