Around the Web, August 2014


Here are some of the headlines that interested me over the past month:


Busting the Media’s ISIS Myths

Kurdistan Declares “Safe Haven” for Christian Refugees

Please, let American jets bomb my prison… death is better than to be forced off with a strange man: 8 months pregnant, captured by Islamic thugs waging ‘Sexual Holy War’ – one woman issues a heartrending plea

Thousands of Christians flee Islamic militants pulling down church crosses in Iraq after their biggest town is overrun by ISIS


Meriam heads for new life in America: Mother put on death row in Sudan for marrying a Christian leaves Rome for Philadelphia with the Pope’s blessing

Christian bakery criticised by new NI minister

‘Get ready for 100-year war with Islam': Former Australian Army chief underlines homegrown jihad threat and warns ‘terrorists only have to be lucky once’

In Church Attics, Clues to the Private Life of Early America

‘It was a hate crime because he was a Jew’: Daughter of New York rabbi shot dead on way to Miami temple refuses to believe it was a ‘botched robbery’ 

Peter Foster: Inside one of the U.S. Bible Belt’s growing number of atheist ‘churches’

Restaurant Offers 15% Off For Praying In Public

The Rise Of Europe’s Religious Right

The rising tide of Muslim converts to Christianity

Politics, Economics, Social

15 contradictions you have to believe to fit in with pop culture

After Homosexual “Marriage”, Are Pedophilia and Incest Acceptance Next?

Canada, EU agree on ‘historic’ free-trade pact — but there’s still more work ahead

Canadians pay 42% of income in tax — more than they spend on food, shelter, clothing combined

Child rapists, paedophiles and a care worker who sexually abused a mental patient all let off by police – because they said SORRY

Community cohesion and its foes

How to Deal With the Brainwashed (contains profanity)

I’m wanted for ‘hate crimes’ in Canada

It’s not a fallacy when it’s real

Justin Trudeau’s mosque visit draws fire from Steven Blaney

Montana U.S. Sen. Candidate Mocks Gun Owners, Christianity, the Bible, and the Family

Paedophile at centre of historical abuse inquiry ‘visited children’s homes around Britain and took boys out’ before advising Home Office on child care system

Revealed: How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN


Atheist author Richard Dawkins says unborn babies with Down’s syndrome should be aborted and parents should ‘try again’

Australian couple abandon six-month-old Down syndrome baby in poverty with Thai surrogate mother … but take his healthy twin sister

Iran bans permanent contraception to boost population growth

Mother arrested after baby is found on a lawn two days after she gave birth to it during her lunch break then returned to her office and pretended nothing had happened

My children have turned into monsters: And, says SHONA SIBARY, it’s all her fault for trying to be a nice liberal parent

One law student has a radical proposal for fixing marriage: Cut it off after four years

Polygamy effectively decriminalized in Utah as judge strikes down ban in victory for husband and his FOUR wives who appear in TV show ‘Sister Wives’

The mother who’s proud to parade naked in front of her 13-year-old son

The surprising benefit of a stay-at-home mother

‘This is a miracle': Four-year-old girl swept from her parents in Boxing Day tsunami is ‘reunited with her family’ 10 years later

‘We have the parts so we use them': Transgender couple who BOTH changed sex prepare to explain to their two children how their father gave birth while their mom provided the sperm

We wanted a refund for our Down’s baby and we WOULD have aborted him: Sex offender behind Thai surrogate scandal breaks cover

Woman tracks down the mother who abandoned her as a baby… only to realise she has unwittingly married her BROTHER


White students no longer to be majority in school


Australian study finds Egyptian mummies may date back to 4,500BC

Fisherman Pulls Up Beastly Evidence of Early Americans


Earth has been getting hotter for the past 10,000 YEARS, contradicting studies that humans started global warming

Exploding Orthodoxy

Sea plankton in earth orbit? and here

Why Do Half Of Britons Not Believe In Evolution?


How to Make Your Entire Internet Life More Secure in One Day


Debunking the Myths of the DTaP Vaccine

‘Eczema was ruining our lives – we never slept': Mother at her wit’s end with son’s skin condition discovers cure that worked in just DAYS

Gardasil: First Criminal Case in Spain Begins

Her Family Stopped Eating Sugar for A Year, and This is What Happened

Is YOUR tap water lowering your IQ? Fears over high fluoride levels found in water in Maine

Most Ontarians support doctors’ right to refuse abortions

Pregnant women warned not to use antibacterial soaps over fears chemicals affect babies’ development

She Used to Be In A Wheelchair – The TED Talk That Comes With a Warning

Taking the Pill ‘raises the risk of breast cancer by 50 per cent’

‘Why is the NHS paying for Josie Cunningham’s boob job but not surgery to help my disabled son WALK?’ Mother’s fury as son, 5, is denied op for ‘funding reasons’


10 Cities Running Out of Water

Migrate them to Honduras


Is thinking now obsolete?

Can We Conjure The Blessing Of God Upon Our Own Inventions?

Ніжний ранковий світло

Sherman Isbell, “Hear Ye Him:”

“The Lord’s designation of certain ordinances for worship continues in the New Testament church. No doubt the New Testament apostles use the language of an Old Testament ordinance to figuratively describe the believer seeking to honor God in all the course of life (Romans 12:1-2, I Peter 2:5). But far more commonly in the New Testament we read of worship ordinances as actions instituted to be kept when the church comes together in its assemblies: prayer, reading the Word, preaching, congregational singing of Psalms, baptism, the Lord’s Supper.”

“What, then, are we to make of efforts to add institutions of worship not required by God? Will Christ be present to bless what his people ingeniously contrive as supplements to his institutions? Can God’s benediction be secured for the variety of new worship activities devised by men for securing the church’s prosperity? When we adhere to Christ’s commands, we may expectantly rely upon God’s promised presence, confident that the seed of his Word will bring forth fruit. But can we conjure the blessing of God upon our own inventions? When the Lord’s few and simple ordinances must vie with human traditions in worship, human fancy may be satisfied, and there may be increase in numbers of people attending, in financial resources, in construction of facilities, and in ministry enterprises. But to the extent that this increase is not occurring through the observance of Christ’s commands, is it the expansion of the kingdom of God? Can the kingdom come through eschewing the prescriptions of Christ in the Scripture?”

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No Conviction

Martyn Lloyd-Jones:

The Philippian Jailor

The Philippian Jailor

“There is something essentially wrong with a man who calls himself a Christian and who can listen to a truly evangelistic sermon without coming under conviction again, without feeling something of his own unworthiness, and rejoicing when he hears the Gospel remedy being presented.” (Preachers and Preaching, Zondervan, 1971, p. 150)


How Can I Love One And Despise The Other?

Dandelion field

‘Next time you’re tempted to wallow in the vanity of self-pity ask yourself what I’m now committed to asking myself, “If God allows both pleasures and pains to come to my life for my greatest good (conformity to the image of Christ), then how can I love one and despise the other?”‘

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What Madness Is It To Wound The Conscience For Such Pitiful Business?


can'ttakeitwithyouThomas Boston, Works, 2:311:

Consider the vanity of the world. It is an overvaluing of earthly advantages that leads people aside into unrighteous ways, Hos. 12:8. A due impression of the vanity and emptiness thereof, would let you see that they are not worth a man’s going off his way for them. It is not long till very little will serve us: death comes, and we have no more to do with it; a coffin and a winding sheet, and a little room in the heart of the earth, which none will grudge us, will be all we will need. What madness is it, then, to wound the conscience for such a pitiful business?

Source:, Comment #1 (Thank You, Reverend Winzer!)

Being Deserted Evidences You To Be A Child of God

Tree in Immekeppel near Cologne

“The Lord cannot be said to withdraw His love from the wicked, because they never had it. The being deserted, evidences you to be a child of God. How could you complain that God has estranged Himself, if you had not sometimes received smiles and tokens of love from Him?”

~ Thomas Watson

Source:, Comment #3

No Images

Calvin, Harmony of the Law Part II, Intro on the Second Commandment; “No Images:”

noimageavailableNow we must remark, that there are two parts in the Commandment — the first forbids the erection of a graven image, or any likeness; the second prohibits the transferring of the worship which God claims for Himself alone, to any of these phantoms or delusive shows. Therefore, to devise any image of God, is in itself impious; because by this corruption His Majesty is adulterated, and He is figured to be other than He is. There is no need of refuting the foolish fancy of some, that all sculptures and pictures are here condemned by Moses, for he had no other object than to rescue God’s glory from all the imaginations which tend to corrupt it. And assuredly it is a most gross indecency to make God like a stock or a stone. Some expound the words, “Thou shalt not make to thyself a graven image, which thou mayest adore;” as if it were allowable to make a visible image of God, provided it be not adored; but the expositions which will follow [note: this is the intro to his exposition of the Second Commandment] will easily refute their error. Meanwhile, I do not deny that these things are to be taken connectedly, since superstitious worship is hardly ever separated from the preceding error; for as soon as any one has permitted himself to devise an image of God, he immediately falls into false worship. And surely whosoever reverently and soberly feels and thinks about God Himself, is far from this absurdity; nor does any desire or presumption to metamorphose God ever creep in, except when coarse and carnal imaginations occupy our minds. Hence it comes to pass, that those, who frame for themselves gods of corruptible materials, superstitiously adore the work of their own hands. I will then readily allow these two things, which are inseparable, to be joined together; only let us recollect that God is insulted, not only when His worship is transferred to idols, but when we try to represent Him by any outward similitude.

Source:, Comment #3

More Christian Television Programming

967614_87624136I came across this article from a link on a website that was pushing the “Jews are evil and control the world” theme.  While I do not agree with that sentiment, I did find this quote from the article, written by a Jewish man, interesting:

As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between “The 700 Club” and “Davey and Goliath” on TV all day.

Now, I would not be recommending the above-mentioned shows to anyone, but it sounds like this man is saying that without people like him, there would be more Christian programming on television.  And Hollywood doesn’t have an anti-Christian bias?  Hmmm…

About 10,000 Years

From New Discoveries & Comments About Creationism:

00Galaxy NGC1300Secular Cosmology was in a major crisis, the evidence was leading towards a purpose which is in the direction of intelligence rather than some random act with no reason. And if it was a random act, then the universe should have been full of cosmic defects which it doesn’t have…

“In fact, these defects should have been so numerous and so massive that if they actually existed, the age of the universe “would turn out to be about 10,000 years,” Guth says, with a laugh. “This doesn’t turn out to be the case, scientifically.”

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He Doth In No Wise Cast Out

Charles Spurgeon:

People027Is there any instance of our Lord’s casting out a coming one? If there be so, we would like to know of it; but there has been none, and there never will be. Among the lost souls in hell there is not one that can say, “I went to Jesus, and He refused me.” It is not possible that you or I should be the first to whom Jesus shall break His word. Let us not entertain so dark a suspicion.

Suppose we go to Jesus now about the evils of today. Of this we may be sure — He will not refuse us audience, or cast us out. Those of us who have often been, and those who have never gone before — let us go together, and we shall see that He will not shut the door of His grace in the face of any one of us.

“This man receiveth sinners,” but He repulses none. We come to Him in weakness and sin, with trembling faith, and small knowledge, and slender hope; but He does not cast us out. We come by prayer, and that prayer broken; with confession, and that confession faulty; with praise, and that praise far short of His merits; but yet He receives us. We come diseased, polluted, worn out, and worthless; but He doth in no wise cast us out. Let us come again today to Him who never casts us out.” (Faith’s Checkbook)


Endeavour After Mortified Affections to the World

Man and Woman in Rubble - Free Pictures at Historical Stock

The Rev. Elias Pledger, Puritan Sermons, I:326:

“[I]n order to the advancing of the work of mortification, endeavour after mortified affections to the world.—These are the suckers that draw away thy strength from God, and the fuel and foment and strength of all that corruption that must be mortified. Aversion from God, with an immoderate clinging and cleaving to the creature, is the whole corruption of nature. Affliction is the reducing thee to God, and the ungluing, disengaging, and divorcing thee from a carnal, worldly interest: therefore, minus gaudebis, minus dolebis, “the less thou joyest, the less thou ruest;” the less thou layest a world-interest near thy heart, the less that affliction which is the parting work will go to thy heart; therefore let all creature-comforts and advantages be loose about thee as thy clothes, which thou mayest easily lay aside; and not as thy skin, which cannot be pulled off without great torture. Affliction endangers nothing but that which is outward; therefore let not thy excessive respect to that which is without thee make thy affliction an inward terror. If thou countest the world of no value, thou wilt be able, without inward perplexity and fear, to pass through all places of danger and plunder; as the traveller, when he carries but a small matter, which, he knows, if he loses it, will not at all undo him. Besides, “if thou lovest the world, the love of the Father is not in thee;” and this will be a desperate venemous sting to thy soul in thy affliction. If thou wouldest not have the world thy plague and thy poison in the enjoying, thy rack and thy terror in the losing, comply with the word and Spirit of grace, in the application of a Christ crucified for the crucifying and mortifying of thy affections unto every earthly interest.”

Faith Commits the Future to a Faithful God

My friend, if you have money enough today for your daily needs and something for God’s treasury, don’t torment yourself with the idea that you or your family may yet get into a poor-house. If your children cluster around your table, enjoy them, train them, trust them to God, without racking yourself with a dread that the little ones may some time be carried off by the scarlet fever, or the older ones may yet be ill-married or may fall into disgrace. Faith carries present loads and meets present assaults and feeds on present promises—and commits the future to a faithful God.

~ God’s Light on Dark Clouds by Theodore Cuyler


Will Western Christians Be Able To Remain Faithful To Their Own Morality?

Alan Noble:

Cake cropped“This fear isn’t just personal. As laws on issues like same-sex marriage and contraception have changed, there’s a growing fear that public policy will become more and more in conflict with evangelical morality. This, according to many conservative Christians, is what these tensions are about: being legally required to perform acts that you sincerely and deeply believe are immoral. Although in the past the religious right has openly advocated legislating morality in the public sphere, for most evangelicals, the recent cases do not seem to be about policing other people’s morality—the concern is about preserving the ability to be faithful to one’s own morality. By paying to cover contraceptives that interfere with “conception,” as evangelicals define it, by baking a cake or taking photographs to celebrate a same-sex wedding, some Christians believe they are facilitating a profoundly immoral act—which makes them morally culpable, as well.”

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