If Mark Hadn’t Written The Gospel, Would You Have Attributed It To Him?

1 Mark’s Gospel A. introduction image 1 of 4. Mark the Evangelist. French SchoolTriablogue gives reasons “Why Markan Authorship Wouldn’t Be Fabricated.”  One is the person of Mark himself:

So, Mark was a relatively minor figure who was remembered for some disreputable behavior and/or an embarrassing physical deformity.

Regarding Peter as the source of the gospel:

It fails to explain why the gospel was associated with Peter to begin with. It also doesn’t explain why the gospel wasn’t attributed to Peter himself or a more prominent and/or less problematic disciple of Peter.

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The Flying Spaghetti Monster Doesn’t Disprove God


Monesvol“Well, that was a pretty lame argument. :-P Still, one point I’ll make about the FSM is that it’s not enough to simply have an alternative *label* to God, but if you’re going to say that the FSM is just as likely an explanation as God is (in a theological argument), then you have to stipulate that the FSM has specific attributes. In other words, if you’re looking at genuine theological arguments, not just pop phrases that could fit on a bumper sticker, then you’ll quickly see that the attributes required for the FSM to explain the same things that God is used to explain, in those arguments, requires the FSM to take on just about every essential attribute of God. In short, “God” is not an empty label used to invoke the mysterious (despite the fact that atheists often treat theists as doing just that). Thus, there is good reason for a theist to argue for God doing something instead of the FSM doing something. Plainly put, if the FSM was used as an explanation, the FSM would just have to be another name for the same divine being currently called “God.””

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Their Peace Was Bought, Not Stolen

Peaceful Lake Medora

Thomas Boston, Works, 4:343:

Christ is the procurer and purchaser of his people’s peace. Their peace was bought, not stolen nor usurped, bought by his own blood. No peace could have been to men, had he not stooped and received the blow of the sword of justice. He denied himself to peace, that we might enjoy it. He is the maker of the peace, being the great peace maker, and the Mediator of the covenant betwixt God and man, which is a covenant of peace. Peace on earth was sung at his birth; and when he is formed in a soul, peace is made betwixt God and that soul; and by his Spirit, peace is created in the soul.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f25/their-peace-bought-not-stolen-84220/, Comment #1

The Abuser As The One Who First States His Case

He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.

~Proverbs 18:17~

No 3909 Page 104, accusé M. Malvy. Croquis Noël DorvilleA Cry For Justice makes an interesting point about Proverbs 18:17.  I found this helpful since I have had this verse thrown at me a few times when I tried to make the truth known about something:

“Let me explain something that is vitally important for us to get a firm grasp on…

The abuse victim who reports the evil deeds of her abuser to someone is not the first to state her case. She is, in fact, “the other” who this Proverbs says comes later and “examines” the first accuser.”

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What Calvinist Parents Say To Their Children

Joshua Renewing the Covenant with Israel (Bible Card)

Joshua Renewing the Covenant with Israel

“My children, you are blessed by God. You have been born into a Christian family, just as your father and mother also were born of Christian parents. You have been raised in the Christian faith, just as your parents were raised in the Christian faith. Your birth place, your parentage, is not luck — it is by design, God’s design. He could have caused you to be born to pagan parents in the middle of Africa, with your belly’s extended due to lack of food. But instead, you were born in Australia, and you don’t have extended bellies. You have food to eat, and plenty left over. You are already blessed by God, and you should not not walk away lightly from your heritage. As both of your grandfathers and your father declared, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” And you have been placed in the care of your parents so that you will, as adults, freely choose to make the same declaration…

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Is Modern Textual Criticism Reliable?

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Christianity is the Basis for All Worldviews

Nancy Pearcey:

ChancelWindowTruth“The fact that everyone has to function as though Christianity is true opens a creative opportunity for addressing the secular world. Christianity provides the basis for the way humans can’t help behaving anyway. In making the case for a biblical worldview, a strategic place to start is by showing that it alone gives a basis for the ways we all have to function, no matter which worldview we hold.”

~Finding Truth, Chapter 5, page 224

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