Our Strokes are not Pure Justice

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 451:

Sin is of such infinite desert and demerit, because against infinite majesty, that God cannot go beyond it in punishment; and therefore Jeremiah, when he is wading out of the deep waters of sore temptation and sad discouragement, pitcheth and casteth anchor at this solid ground, “It is of the Lord’s mercy that we are not consumed,” Lam. 3:22. What! do I mean thus to charge God, as if he dealt rigorously? No, no: It is his mercy that a remnant is left, – our strokes are not pure justice, our cup is mixed, mercy is the greatest part. Whatever is behind utter destruction, whatever is below the desert of sin, which is hell and damnation, all this must be reckoned up to mercy. That I am yet alive, and so may have hope, this is mercy, “For why should a living man complain?” ver. 39. That a rod is come to awake us out of security, this is mercy, for we might have slept to death.

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True Holiness is Humble Holiness

Hugh Binning, Works, pp. 449-450:

Grace cometh to level men, to make the high mountains valleys for Christ’s chariot; it maketh men stoop low to enter the door of the kingdom. Therefore, if you have attained any measure beyond others, if you would prove it real grace and holiness, do not exalt yourselves above others; be not high-minded; come down and sit among the ungodly, among the unclean, and let not grace given diminish the low estimation of yourself in yourself. There is a growing that is but a fancy, and men’s conceit; when men grow above ordinances, above other Christians, and can see none or few Christians but themselves, such a growth is not real. It is but fancy, it is but swelling and wind, and must be pricked to let it out. A holy prophet came in among an unclean people; he did not say, “Stand by, I am holier than thou.” Such a man as can find no Christian about him, even though to the judgment of all others, they seek God more than he, such a man hath not real solid grace, – his holiness is profane holiness, and proud holiness; for true holiness is humble holiness, and in honour preferreth others.

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Justified Only By Faith

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 449:

Once believe this, – if I should sweat out my life in serving God, and never rise off my knees, if I should give my body to the fire for the truth, if I should melt away in tears for sin, all this is but filthy rags, and I can never be accepted of God for all that, but the matter of my condemnation groweth, – if I justify myself my own mouth proves me perverse: God needeth no more but my good deeds to condemn me for, in all justice: and therefore it is a thing impossible, – I will never put forth a hand, or open a mouth upon that account any more. I will serve God, because it is my duty, but life I will not expect by my service; when I have done all, it is wholly mercy that I am accepted, my good works shall never come in remembrance; I resolve to be found, not having my own righteousness. I will appear among the ungodly sinners, as one that hath no righteousness, that I may be justified only by faith in Jesus Christ. I say, drink in this truth, and let it settle in your hearts, and then we would hear numbers cry, “O what shall I do to be saved?”

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Consolation Before and Behind

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 437:

This was always proponed [proposed] to the church as the strongest cordial, it was given here as the greatest consolation in all their long captivity, that this Redeemer was afterwards to come, whose virtue was then living, and present to the quickening and comforting of souls. It was thought enough to uphold in a most desperate strait, “To us a child is born,” Isa. 9:6. I wish we could take it so. Certainly it was the character of a believer before Christ’s coming, that he was one that was looking and waiting for the salvation of Israel, by this Redeemer. But now we are surrounded with consolation before and behind, – Christ already come, so that we may in joy say, Lo! this is our God, we have waited for him! others waited and longed, and we see him, – and Christ shortly to come again without sin, to our salvation. And what could be able to take our joy from us, if we had one eye always back to his first coming, and another always forward to his coming again?

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Only God’s Eyesore

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 440:

Look upon sin in the sight of God’s holiness and infinite majesty, and O how heinous will it appear! and therefore no man hath seen sin in the vileness of it, but in the light of God’s countenance, as Isa. 6:5; Job. 40, and 42. God is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, he cannot look on it, Hab. 1:13. All other things beside sin, God looketh on them as bearing some mark of his own image; all was very good, and God saw it, Gen. 1, and 2. Even the basest creatures, God looketh on them, and seeth himself in them; but sin is only God’s eyesore, that his holiness cannot away with it, it is most contrary unto him: and as to his sovereignty, it is a high contempt and rebellion done to God’s Majesty. It putteth God off the throne, will take no law from him, will not acknowledge his law, but, as it were, spitteth in his face, and establisheth another god.

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Perfect Through His Comeliness

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 448:

How should man be righteous that is born of a woman? Job 15:14. Since we once sinned, how should our righteousness ever come in remembrance? Therefore hath God chosen another way to cover man’s wickedness and righteousness both, with his own righteousness, his Son’s divine human righteousness, which is so suited in his infinite wisdom for us. It is a man’s righteousness, that it may agree with men, and be a fit garment to cover them; it is God’s righteousness, that it may be beautiful in God’s eyes, for he seeth his own image in it. And it is not the created inherent righteousness of saints glorified, that shall be their upper garment, that shall be their heaven and glory-suit, so to speak. They will not glory in this, but only in the Lamb’s righteousness for evermore. Saint-holiness must have a covering above, for it cannot cover our nakedness; and all the songs of those that follow the Lamb make mention of his righteousness, even of his only. The Lamb is the light and sun of the city, the Lamb is the temple of it; in a word, he is all that is beautiful and glorious. Every saint hath put on the Lord Jesus, and is perfect through his comeliness.

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A Mystery of Wisdom and of Love

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 434:

O! what soul can rightly conceive it without ravishment and wonder, without an ecstasy of admiration and affection! – that the Lord should become a servant! – the Heir of all things be stripped naked of all! – the brightness of the Father’s glory, be thus eclipsed and darkened! – and in a word, that which comprehendeth all wonders in the creation, – who made all things, – be himself made of a woman! and God become a man; and all this out of his infinite love, to give a demonstration of love to the world; so high a person abased, to exalt so base and low as we are! There is a mystery in this, a great mystery, a mystery of wisdom, to swallow up the understanding with wonder; and a mystery of love, to ravish the hearts of men with affection, – depths of both, in the emptiness of the Son of God.

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