Thou Shalt Not Judge?

Scripture Alone Is Truly Ultimate

James Montgomery Boice:

840703_53305433“When the Reformers used the words sola Scriptura they were expressing their concern for the Bible’s authority, and what they meant is that the Bible alone is our ultimate authority—not the pope, not the church, not the traditions of the church or church councils, still less personal intimations or subjective feelings, but Scripture only. Other sources of authority may have an important role to play. Some are even established by God—such as the authority of church elders, the authority of the state, or the authority of parents over children. But Scripture alone is truly ultimate. Therefore, if any of these other authorities depart from Bible teaching, they are to be judged by the Bible and rejected.” (“The Five Solas of the Reformation”)


Abuses Are Honors

Benjamin Franklin:

Benjamin Franklin“As to the abuses I meet with, I number them among my honors. One cannot behave so as to obtain the esteem of the wise and the good without drawing on oneself at the same time the envy and malice of the foolish and wicked, and the latter is testimony of the former. The best men have always had their share of this treatment, and the more of it in proportion to their different and greater degree of merit. A man, therefore, has some reason to be ashamed of himself when he meets with none of it.”


(No endorsement of Franklin’s Deism or other views intended)

Never Entertain Low Thoughts of Sin

Thomas Boston, Works, 4:194:

875412_33013020Never entertain low thoughts of sin. It is the worst of evils, which could not be remedied but by the sufferings of Christ. It brings a heavy burden on a sinner that bears his own burdens. Behold it in the glass of Christ’s sufferings and you will think none of it little. Sin runs counter to the nature of God and dishonours all his attributes. God is the chief good; sin the worst evil. The sinner dares God’s justice, presumes on his mercy, mocks his patience, challengeth his power, despiseth his love, and invades his sovereignty. So Christ behoved to suffer the most extreme punishment to honour his justice and glorify all his perfections.

Source:, Comment #1

Why Sunday?

O. Palmer Robertson:

The_Empty_Tomb004Consider carefully the following evidence that the redemption accomplished through Christ’s resurrection determined the day for Christian worship:

 1. Jesus Christ arose on the first day of the week (Matt. 28:1). He entered into his rest from labor, not on Saturday (the seventh day), but on Sunday (the first day of the week). As Jesus entered into his rest on the first day, so he encourages us to begin the week by resting in the confidence that He will provide for all our needs for seven days with only six days of labor.

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God’s Will For You

August Malmström-Skvallerbyttan

John Kirkwood:

As a Pastor I’m often asked, especially by young people, how to discern the will of God for their lives. Here’s part of my answer: God’s will is for you to be hated among men, to be seen as vile, a reproach, to be lied about, to be abused in every conceivable manner socially, emotionally, financially, and possibly even physically. And then God’s will for you is to not return the hatred, the lies, and the vitriol, but to lead with his heart, to offer an open hand, and if you must – to be willing to part with your head.

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Death is a Mighty Leveler

Bierstadt Albert View of Grindelwald

 J. C. Ryle Commenting on Matthew 2:13-23:

They did their utmost to cast the truth down to the ground. But the truth rose again from the earth, and still lives; and they are dead, and mouldering in the grave. Let not the heart of any believer fail. Death is a mighty leveler, and can take any mountain out of the way of Christ’s church. “The Lord lives” forever. His enemies are only men. The truth shall always prevail.